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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by kb97, Sep 27, 2003.

  1. kb97

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    just got his ass kicked. if anyone here follows ufc i just saw him get dominated for 5 rounds he cried when the match was over. no joke
  2. BusaFever

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    Who won?
  3. kb97

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  4. kb97

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  5. vincent

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    thats impressive
  6. Pit Bull

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    What a shocker!!! I've been following UFC's since the begining. Knew that Ortiz was the one to beat & that someone out there was able to do it ( no matter how big or bad an ass one is there IS someone, somewhere, out there that can take ya). Randy "The Natural " Couture is a great fighter and has taken out some of the best ; I'm glad for him.

    Pit Bull
  7. Iced

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    ... and Randy is 40, Tito is 28 [​IMG]
  8. BusaFever

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    I remember when the Gracies used to when.

    Haven't followed it much lately.

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