Titanium Chain?

Discussion in 'Gen II Busa Information' started by freponyryd, Sep 20, 2009.

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    I had one on my TL1000R and didn't have any issues with it, and I used to wheelie the crap out of that beast (I was younger then..lol). Their customer service is pretty good too....at least it was in the past.
  4. BA BUSA

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    I haven't used them, but I have heard good things about their products :thumbsup:
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    If its made out of Titanium that could only mean 1 thing, its better.
  7. BA BUSA

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    It definitely means that it's gonna be lighter and more expensive. Titanium and Carbon Fibre have some marvelous qualities, but they can not be used for EVERYTHING...sometimes there are more common materials that do a better job ::51
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    Their chains go up to 16,000 Lb tensile strength ... Holy SH1T!
  9. ogre

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    the smart chain and the Ti chain are for motocross and atv use.
  10. mike1180

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    One thing concerned me, as listed in one of the reviews:

    Oops...just remembered something else IMPORTANT I learned tonight. The Sidewinder chain and sprockets
    are made to match. I thought I would try the Smart Chain on my stock sprockets to see if I could fit a 110 link
    on the bike with adjusters (they go way back....if you've noticed). It fit on the countersprocket ok, BUT I COULD
    NOT GET IT TO ROLL AROUND THE STOCK REAR SPROCKET. The links were hanging up on the teeth. Wheel
    would not turn. Spacing between links and sprocket teeth did not match.

    Krause Racing's Sidewinder Sprockets Motorcycle Sprockets and Chain
  11. patton37

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    Im in the market to.
    can you confirm its suited for a busa?
  12. illuminati

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    My B Day is coming up!!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....................
  13. GPW

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    It is not titanium just nick named that...it is however very strong have used three on big horsepower projects..its a heavy chain.
  14. mike1180

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    Will it fit on all 530 sprockets?
  15. GPW

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    Thats a non o ring chain. Not designed for street use.
  17. Wag

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    Actually, it is an O-ring chain, however, it's the O-rings of any chain that is the, "weak link," so to speak. If the materials of the O-rings themselves wear out as fast as any other O-ring, it won't last any longer.

    For the price, it would have to last twice as long as a standard chain in order for it to be worth it for me and how long chains last on my bike.

    I'm skeptical at best.....

  18. wardog12b

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    That is correct, when I used it on the TLR I bought the full 520 kit. "Theoretically", you are supposed to change both sprockets when you change your chain. :thumbsup:

    While I don't have any "scientific" data, I would say that you will be fine. As I said, I used a 520 chain from them on the TLR, which is not as powerful or as beefy (135hp / 434 lbs dry), but it is one of the bigger bikes. I would go with a 530 pitch (obviously).
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    skip it
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    I just got off the phone with the company rep......he said that the chains were industry standard spacing and will fit any sprocket. I specifically asked about a 300 kit and he said it would fit perfectly.

    Skeptical on how high the price is though..........

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