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  1. Sannosuke

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    Hey guys,

    Been having a heck of a time trying to adjust to the play on the 'closed/gas off'' end on the throttle. I thought that maybe I'd just get used to it but so far it's been a real pain. On more then one occasion in the midst of slower turns it's forced me to grab more/lose more then I wanted and during that quick nano-sec it makes for a scary surprise... and on this type of bike we/I can do without these types of surprises.

    So far I've not had any mishaps because of this but the motorcycle Gods are only so forgiving so, before my luck runs out...

    My question is; Is there a quick fix for this issue or am I stuck with a sloppy throttle?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. kreator

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    Take it to the dealership.. I have no play in mine, sounds like there might be an issue.
  3. Sannosuke

    Sannosuke Registered

    Yeah, that's what I was starting to think myself. Even my 'ole 85" V45 Magna doesn't have as much play as this here 'Busa.

  4. kreator

    kreator Registered

    haha, I had a V45 Magna myself, loved that bike
  5. bigoltool

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    If you dont have the owners manual.

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  6. CCbusa05

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    Guys, I don't have a K8 Busa, but do own a K7 GSXR1000 that calls for the same method of taking out excessive slack in the throttle play. Loosen that black plastic thumb wheel that is on the throttle cable next to the throttle grip. Turn the cable out a little at a time until there is very little if not NO PLAY or slack left. Retighten the plastic wheel and you're set. Be careful though, until you get used to the new "instant on" response when you twist your wrist!

    Update: Oops.....someone beat me to it, with owner's manual pics even!
  7. Italian Trev

    Italian Trev Registered

    its a 2min job to set to your own requirements - just follow as above but remember that there should be a little play in it to make sure the throttle closes completely.
  8. mr8ball

    mr8ball Registered

    It is very easy to adjust. Just adjust the cable under the rubber and you dont even need any tools. Make sure you screw the lock nut back so it wont come loose again. Good luck
  9. Big Wall

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    It's just something that occasionally needs adjustment.
  10. Sannosuke

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    Somehow I get the impression I should sit down and read this manual. Might save me and you guys some time! ;-)

    And kreator, here's some eye-candy for you;


  11. Sannosuke

    Sannosuke Registered

    Whoa! Too small, I'll try this again...
  12. Sannosuke

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  13. Sannosuke

    Sannosuke Registered

    I am not knowing wtf it doesn't want to give me the bigger pics...
  14. kreator

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    haha, too cool.. I have to dig my pics out and scan them
  15. Heat

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    Remove that shovel rear fender, remove those reflectors and your problem should be resolved! [​IMG]

    Joking a side, I dont have those issues on mine and i have the same color GenII as you know the faster color!

    My suggestion like others here would be to take it to the dealer and have it looked at. I know how frustrating gremlins can be. I hope the problem gets solved for ya.
  16. Munchie

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    Mine didnt have much play until I took it in for the 600 mile break-in service. When I got it back, i noticed an excessive amount of play. I hated it. Did the adjustment as described above with the thumb screw under the throttle lever and took almost all the play out of problem. 30 seconds or less. No need to involve the stealership for this one! [​IMG]
  17. Sannosuke

    Sannosuke Registered

    As of now I'm going to leave the reflectors on. That 'shovel rear end' I kinda like and besides, it'll keep me from getting a 'Rooster Tail' up my back in the rain.

    I picked the blue because it just looked, I dunno, classier/more reserved then the other two colors... and it just so happens I like blue so! ;-)

    At the suggestion of a few gracious members (and a great diagram, many thanks!) I'll tinker a bit but if it involves anything more the dealer will be hearing from me...
  18. BusaWizard

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  19. Wag

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    You need to have at least a little bit of play in it. Otherwise, turning the bars full right will kick your throttle on. Not a major issue out in the canyons going fast but in a parking lot, it could be quite embarrassing at the very least!

    Follow the service manual and you're good to go.


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