Taj Mahal Sunken Treasure

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Robot, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. Robot

    Robot Donating Member

    I "was" an avid Scuba Diver, back in the day. How did I miss learning about this piece of history?

    Anyway I was watching "Pawn Stars" last night and................

    The guy in the middle of the pic was in the “Pawn Starsâ€￾ shop, trying to sell a clump of silver coins for $700,000.00 Too much for the Pawn Shop to shell out. I was fascinated that I had never heard of the treasure:

    Taj Mahal Treasure - The Discovery

    Link to Pawn Stars:

    Pawn Stars - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  2. Acehole

    Acehole The crowbar! Donating Member

    I saw that show last night. Not saying it was BS, but who carries around $700,000 worth of history in a beat up case sitting on a pillow from the 1950's?
    Guy looked down on his luck...thought it a bit weird.
  3. Robot

    Robot Donating Member

    I think the website link shows the same guy standing next to Arthur C. Clarke?

    Who knows for sure?
  4. VaBusa

    VaBusa oRg Gal Staff Member Administrator

    I've never heard of that one. Interesting :thumbsup:

    I've been facinated with the Atocha shipwreck recovery; being an avid fan of the Florida Keys, you hear so much about it... Mel Fisher's Treasures

    I now have two rings that are related to the shipwreck and it's treasure. One is a replica of the coins recovered...the other is forged from the silver of that ship and looks like the coins from the wreck. Pretty neat to own something that was a part of history...

    Robot, you don't dive anymore?
  5. Robot

    Robot Donating Member

    Too many other hobbies :(,

    When my son gets older, I may get back into it. I have dove the Hilma Hooker and Oro Verde wrecks. PADI Advanced Open Water, ANDI and PADI Nitrox certified. 135ft (on Air) was my deepest dive in Bonaire. AAHHH, the memories, maybe again someday ;)
  6. VaBusa

    VaBusa oRg Gal Staff Member Administrator

    I always wanted to learn; never did...I hope you can pick it back up :thumbsup:
  7. Robot

    Robot Donating Member

    Fascinating, the name of the ship, Hilma "Hoo*er" was changed automatically? Too close to the profane meaning?
  8. Vonderbach

    Vonderbach Your AD here! Donating Member

    Gotta wonder what would cause him to try and sell this at a pawn shop. I would figure a few museums would offer fair value.
  9. VaBusa

    VaBusa oRg Gal Staff Member Administrator

    :rofl: I saw that...a couple of years ago, that word was in nearly every thread, so we modified it to mimic what a sheep says :laugh: Just part of an ongoing joke here...hadn't seen it in a while :laugh:
  10. VaBusa

    VaBusa oRg Gal Staff Member Administrator

    Good point...I haven't watched the show, but perhaps he wanted the limelight of being on TV? ???
  11. Robot

    Robot Donating Member

    His intent may have been never to "sell" He may have been "set up" by owners of shop, or the show's promoters.

    Win/Win situation, it makes the show more interesting, and more people become aware of his "treasue".

    I think very few "unscripted" things of significance happen on TV ;)
  12. Robot

    Robot Donating Member

    Hmmmmm, OK :whistle: ???
  13. outlawbusa

    outlawbusa 1 wheel up aero testing Donating Member

    I have decided that shows such as the repo show (they even state names, etc have been changed) are somewhat staged and re acted after the fact...I think Pawn Stars does some of the same~!~

    One reason I say this about Pawn Stars (don't mean to take away from the show, I love the show) is...the middle generation fella has so much knowledge about just about everything that is brought in, he would not be working in a pawn shop (even family owned).

    I think some coaching and research is done and the knowledge base exposed and then here come the cameras out for the filming :laugh:

    Anyway, if that part is staged, a few other things could be made a little more interesting to make the show~!~ :whistle:
  14. Robot

    Robot Donating Member



    Can you guess the word I was typing :laugh:
  15. Vonderbach

    Vonderbach Your AD here! Donating Member

    Makes you wonder if shows like Antique Roadshow aren't staged too. I always wonder how these people know so much about that certain autographed photo from 1892 that Granny kept in her attic.
  16. Goatkart

    Goatkart Registered

    not staged per se.....

    antique roadshow works like this...(had item on the show, so know from experience)

    they announce they are coming to your area.... they say were are looking for these types of pieces specifically to be on the show...

    if you have those pieces, you send in pictures, and what ever documented history you have for the object.....

    then they either say YES you can be on the show, and the organise a specific person to research the object, and be prepared to present on the object....

    they ALSO have the random people who walk in.... however, the ones that you see on tv being talked with specifically, were chosen and researched prior to the show...

    in exchange they give you free tickets to go... your responsible for bringing your own object to them though...

    as to pawn..... they opperate similarly....

    they obviously are not friends with everyone from every random line of work....

    they do not have a friend who specifically works with them to ID their renaissance era halbreds from italy...

    someone comes in says hey i wanna pawn/sell this type of item... if its fancy enough, they record the segment afterwards when they contact someone etc etc....

    you get to see maybe 10 people out of 10,000 that walk in those doors...
  17. Vonderbach

    Vonderbach Your AD here! Donating Member

    That's very cool to know. Did your antique turn out to be a treasure?
  18. outlawbusa

    outlawbusa 1 wheel up aero testing Donating Member

    Show us what you had (if you want to)...
  19. Goatkart

    Goatkart Registered

    I'll see if i have pictures someplace, its at my moms place in Scottsdale, az... waaaaay to big to move with me to iowa.... probally weights ever bit of 250 lbs or more... and like i say later, can hold 2 grown adults easily...

    but actually it ended up being on the show because they couldnt figure out what it was, it was more or less a "look at this weird item"....

    the item itself, is a giant wooden crate, with cast iron arms on front and right and left sides.. deffinatly used for shipping on a ship... it could easily fit about 2 grown adults inside it...

    on the inside are Asian lettering (non specific language, dont recall anymore if they said one way or another what language it was)

    it was originally sold as a "german blanket box"... however it doesnt match up at all with any we have found in size or design...

    what we were able to possibly discover was... it seems the crates were often used by ship based immigrants...

    basically, you would stuff your worldly possesions into the box get on the boat and go...

    however, the interesting bit is... supposedly, if you died during the voyage, you would actually be place inside the box with your possessions to be picked up by whomever...

    true/false.... couldnt tell you.... neither could antique road show...

    they gave an estimated value IIRC of 5,000-10,000 dollars or some such thing...

    but given they didnt really know what it is.... my thoughts are it could be just as easily 500 dollars to 100,000 dollars... they dont know any more than i did LOL...

    anyhow, ill poke around and see if i can find pictures.... i had some somewhere from when i submitted them online...

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