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  1. OB_Pranav

    OB_Pranav Registered

    I think i'm probably the youngest one out there...30 . I have the copper one . Also own a Honda 750 Nighthawk '92 , '79 CBX1000 , '83 Seca 900 Yamaha . Got the busa cause they stole my '94 GSXR750 !
  2. OB_Gixxer1206

    OB_Gixxer1206 Registered

    I'm 35 and have a Black/Gray on that used to be Copper/Silver.I also own a 95 GSXR1100 that is now bored and stroked to 1306cc.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Copper here
  4. OB_KawAbuser

    OB_KawAbuser Registered

    Copper/Silver ser#929
    Purchased At SkyCycle Lunengerg Mass.
    Hayabusa delivered 4/15/99
    Cost $9995
    5,200 miles so far
    41 years / rideing 27 years

    "Better my sister in a Harley Rendevous Service Tent, than ride a Kawasaki"
  5. OB_BigPete

    OB_BigPete Registered

    Mine's a Black/Silver one which at 42 matches whats left of my hair.
    See my 'Favourite colour' thread and leave your opinions......
  6. OB_Cyber Josie

    OB_Cyber Josie Registered

    Wow... I didn't realize how much younger I am than everyone!

    F/25/Get my 'Busa on the 27th of July

    Been riding for 17 years, obviously mostly on dirt bikes. Got my first streetbike before I got my first car. Lol... Owned (and still do) a bunch of them.

    Been down twice... Once was stupid and was little more than a fallover going into a parking lot (scratches adn bruises) but the other was pretty serious, as someone ran a red light and hit me at a blind intersection.

    Will let you know how things go with the new bike.
  7. sherm

    sherm Registered

    Black/gray. Traded-in a 1998 R1 for it. 61 years old. Not a fast rider, just like fine machinery. The R1 was excellent, the Hayabusa is better in every way except brakes.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'm 21 with 18 years of experience (for the mathematically challenged thats 39 years old. I have a black and silver Abuser and unlike Sherm I kept my 98 R1 and just added the Abuser to my collection.
  9. OB_ducmanic

    OB_ducmanic Registered

    Bus: Black/Grey
    31 years racing on and off Los Angeles streets and tracks.
    I have had lots of bikes / Age:46
    Singele. Guys at work dont want to race me, ever.
    Los Angeles
  10. OB_RobBase

    OB_RobBase Registered

    Copper/silver busa for me. I'm 34 years old, been dirt/street riding for 16 years. This is my 10th motorcycle. By the way my neighbor down the street still rides, he's 79 years old!, but his bike is a GoldWing!!
  11. OB_hayabusa

    OB_hayabusa Registered

    I'm going to start calling you all Sir. I'm still in nappies at 24. Although I've been riding since 12, used to race pw 50's and 80's till 16 then got my first road bike.
  12. OB_VegasDude

    OB_VegasDude Registered

    Copper and silver for me. been riding for 20 years or so.................
  13. OB_cbxchris

    OB_cbxchris Registered

    Got both colors and I still can`t believe that I sold three of my cbx`s to make room for them. I`m 41 and have had street bikes since 16. I do love the busa`s though.
  14. OB_speed

    OB_speed Registered

    Copper&silver... I wanted the traditional suzuki blue/white... but settled for the gold [​IMG]
  15. OB_gurrera

    OB_gurrera Registered

    Lets get a count on color, wood like to see how many copper too the other colors. I have a copper one. Also who is the oldest Gsx 1300 rider. I am 53 and the guys at work think I should be riding a Gold-Wing or a H.D
  16. OB_anguish

    OB_anguish Registered

    I'm 47 and have a black/charcoal version. Have centrestand kit and Yosh street slipons. Had a 94 GSXR1100 and find the Hayabusa more confortable. The younger characters at work all drive cruisers that would'nt pull the skin off of a rice pudding! Sold my mint 79 CBX and 85 VF1000R to buy new toy and do not have any regrets at all.
  17. OB_Kamikaze

    OB_Kamikaze Registered

    Mine is Black/Gray.
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Mine is black/gray (and just passed the 500 mile mark today YAY) I'm 42 and had the 'busa since last Tuesday. Oh if anyone cares, this bike gets great milage, somewhere around 47 mpg Woo Hoo!!!
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I originally wanted the black/gray but jumped
    on the copper/silver when one became available in the next state. I've decided
    I do like the copper/silver and my wife liked it better anyway. I took some pics
    when I first got it home and finally posted
    them on my site:
    I'm 36 with 11 years exp on 2 wheels. I'm
    up to about 1700 miles on my Busa as of today
    (purchased 6/11) and have no problems other than not being able to get off [​IMG] The only
    mods I've done [or found neccessary] are a tank bra and a Valentine One. Should have pics of those soon. Nice to have something
    that is so fast from the factory I don't feel
    a need to modify for xtra hp for a change.
  20. viol8r

    viol8r Registered

    I'm 43 and have a black one. I had 3 harlies but sold one to buy the busa. Reasons being,too many insurances,and keeping them all warm in the winter.
    Have Fun.

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