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Discussion in 'Super Chargers' started by vampire, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. vampire

    vampire Registered

    Hello to all,

    it all started end last year by getting the opportunity to drive a Rotrex supercharged Triumph Rocket3 that came to the shop to have his fuel tank painted. The owner offered me a ride and it was very impressive. I said good by to my ZX12R and bought a 2008 BKing with only 2000km on it. A good base for a supercharger. Last winter i painted the bike and ordered a TTS supercharger conversion. This summer the build started. But it's still a long way to go.

    Hope you'll enjoy.

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  2. 1 wheel peel

    1 wheel peel Registered

    NICE!!! The white looks good on it. Looking forward to the rest of the story!:king:
  3. GsxrBots

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    Can't wait to see more!
  4. Hayabusa4life

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    Supercharged and white, you are going to be flying now...:laugh:
  5. raydog

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    What a great application since you won't have the mod limitations of surface plastic, also, I believe the open airflow will really be of benefit. Oh yeah, one more thing, people's mouths will drop open when they see that turbo unit sitting snug by the engine! Enjoy the build and don't forget to play the right music when you're wrenching! Please post your progress. Raydog
  6. vampire

    vampire Registered

    Last week i put in the Wossner pistons and ARP studs. End this week the engine head will return with new Ferrea SS valves, hd springs etc. Then the rebuild starts and the exhaust has to be made.

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  7. ogre

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    can't wait for my 1397 build
  8. georgiabusa_05

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    Very cool, B Kings are a blast to ride. :)
  9. vampire

    vampire Registered

    Last week i finally found some time to put things back together. Last thing before first dyno will be the exhaustsystem. First increase the size off the headers and collectors. The dual Yoshi slip on will stay under the seat, but the up pipe will be replaced and 2 short low exhaust silencers will be added. Thinking about something like a dual carbon Arrow Thunder.

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  10. 1 wheel peel

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    Nice! The way they were ment to be!:eek:ldcool:
  11. vampire

    vampire Registered

    Exhaust mod. almost finished. Pajic R&D took care of a custom made 4 in 4 exhaust system . They increased the header size , up pipe and added a left and right carbon muffler. I just have to make a nice bracket for the side pipes.

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  12. Vanishing Point

    Vanishing Point Registered

    Hey Kees, nice pipe work .
    Groeten van Vee Pee
  13. AtLarge

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  14. phil823

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    very nice!
  15. pashnit

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  16. vampire

    vampire Registered

    Break lines will be done, till then I put both feet on the road...
    Here a pic off the center section of the exhaust. Personally i've got some doubts about the size of the pipes after the two collectors were they split from four(header) to two. It might be a little small, as well as the collector. But i think we give it a try, it's less restrictive as original and after that it's almost free flow.

  17. crawler

    crawler Registered

    Nice work. I do agree with you though; I would have done the collector differently.
  18. vampire

    vampire Registered

    Exhaust is on the bike. To get the 2 silencers below inline with the seat we have to get it about 2 inch down at the top end. Now its too much straight up. We have to take a look if this is possible with the swingarm.

  19. vampire

    vampire Registered

    Past weeks some changes were made on the exhaust collectors and the silencers were replaced inline with the seat. Finally the oil lines and fittings for the oilcooler arrived. All lines are fitted, fluids filled and ECU flashed for exhaust valve, PAIR ,etc. Now it's time to fire it up.

  20. vampire

    vampire Registered

    First start was okay, bike idles well. I had ISC hooked up to plenum and map sensor on a T piece checkvalve for the first start because i have no base map to start with and the original setting will do for idle till 2000rpm. On the dyno it seems very lean, but A/F was influenced by the 2 lower exhaust. They pulse some fresh air in the upper once were measuring was done. So we have to plug them off for dyno next time. Because i had a Innovate wideband to install i also had to change the position off the bung to get accurate readings. My son machined a cone for the inlet to restrict top boost. Last thing i did was flash the ECU to Hayabusa gen2 bin file which offers much more features then the BKing ECU. Wish you all a happy and healthy 2012.

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