Stolen busa clinton <tn

Discussion in 'General Bike Related Topics' started by shoeio, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. shoeio

    shoeio Registered


    Bike was stolen yesterday afternoon in Clinton,TN. PLease spread the word

    2002 Blue/black hayabusa
    akrapovich exhaust
    carbon fiber windscreen
    carbon fiber front fender.

    /Users/jameschesney/Desktop/Busa 2.jpg

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  2. sicheneder333

    sicheneder333 Registered

    Man that sucks...hope you get it back soon and in one piece.
  3. RYC1966

    RYC1966 Donating Member

    release the hounds...
  4. Lillblack

    Lillblack Registered

    Sorry to hear that
  5. K Wolf

    K Wolf Donating Member

    You have my condolences. I still miss my black and blue. I hope you get yours back in good shape. She is pretty.
  6. IG.

    IG. Registered

    Sorry, man. What were the circumstances? Please let us know - so we are aware what the crooks did - let them burn in Hell.
  7. ky busa

    ky busa Registered

    :guns: thiefs
  8. shoeio

    shoeio Registered

    It was stolen from the dealership.
  9. Lillblack

    Lillblack Registered

    so will they insure it at the dealership
  10. powerjunkie

    powerjunkie Registered

    I'll keep my eyes open in Jeffferson and Sevier county.
  11. 05 Busa LE

    05 Busa LE Donating Member

    Sorry to hear. Keep your eye on EBay and Craig's List.
  12. Roddie

    Roddie Registered

    Man that sucks. Sorry.
  13. mitchluv1

    mitchluv1 Registered

    Stolen from the dealership WTF batman. hate to say it but (1) that sounds like a inside job to me. (2) dealership should make it right by covering you with a replacement bike if not recovered and all repairs if any if recovered. DAM news like this sux monkey sacks.
  14. Blanca BusaLess

    Blanca BusaLess Suffers from PBSD Donating Member

    Damaged or missing items from vehicles is usually posted and not covered by dealer.
    But if your vehicle is stolen while in their possession than absolutely they are liable and must satisfy in some way.
  15. Ghost23

    Ghost23 Registered

    My 2005 was stolen by the salesman that sold it to me. They caught him with $500,000 dollars worth of parts. He had the information at his fingertips, and was basically filling orders. He's in prison now forever, but what a pain in the ass. Sorry to hear that Bro!
  16. shoeio

    shoeio Registered

    Yeah the dealer says he will make it right, however I seriously doubt he can replace my baby.
  17. mr8ball

    mr8ball Registered

    Man that sucks. I sure hope they make right.
  18. MoeMar

    MoeMar Registered

    pick out a 13 from the showroom
  19. MoNoXiDe

    MoNoXiDe Registered

    Another one from the org close to me. I will keep my eyes open in Sevier and Knox County. Do you have more pics? what is the sticker on the windscreen?
  20. 1busa

    1busa Registered

    I agree with MoeMar grab up one of those 13's or tell him you want the very 1st 2014 that arrives to his shop :whistle:

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