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Discussion in 'Busa problems' started by luis rotores, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. luis rotores

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    Hi guys, so today I was trying to change my chain and sprockets, everything was going smooth until i started to remove the front one and the bolt that holds the nut got stock. I kept trying, now is striped. I used some WD40 and a bolt remover with a drill. It does not move an inch. I dont know what to do:banghead::pullhair:. Please any advice:please:, I'm going crazy, I'm in Japan so there is no such thing as take it to someone. Thanks in advance

  2. m_ridgeway

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    Pics would help.
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  3. Blanca BusaLess

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    +1 on pics. Hard to advise without being able to scratch ones head over a pic.

    Can you possibly get one size smaller socket hammered on it now that it screwed and use an impact wrench to get it off ???????

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    Are you talking about the counter shaft nut?

    As stated pics will make this go some where!
  5. m_ridgeway

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    I think he's talking about the allen bolt that holds the speed ring/sensor (whatever its called) nut on.

    Hard to tell frome description. For me anyway lol. Just a poser with a lowered bike.
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  6. sixpack577

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    If you can get a punch, or even a big flatblade screwdriver against the end of the bolt and give it a few hard hits with a hammer it may help to break it loose, stripped or not.
  7. luis rotores

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    Here you go guys, sorry it took so long.

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  8. m_ridgeway

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    Shouldve left chain on first.

    The easiest way to get the front assmbly off is to have someone hold the rear brake while chain is still hooked up with it in N.

    Anyways I would reccomend just putting the chain back on just to hold it for. Doesn't have to be pressed together just get it together somehow.

    Then there's a few methods of attack. I don't think there's enough shoulder to get the craftsman exractor tool on there. So you can take a hacksaw and cut a straight slot for a flat blade screwdriver. I've never had luck with that on something real tight but its worth a shot.

    Or take an allen key and weld or epoxy it in the bolt. Any way your gonna thrash that bolt. And need a new one. Shouldn't be too much.

    Just my two cents maybe someone will have some better ideas than me.
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  9. luis rotores

    luis rotores Registered

    Hey mattstang, thanks for the input, I end up heating it with a torch, the head snaped off but i took the rest with a drill bit. Sorry it took a min but I just got back from TDY yestarday, so when you posted your idea i was allready gone. Thanks anyways::4

  10. BusaWizard

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    glad you got the bolt out heat was my choice just remember lots of the bolts are fastened in with locktite or freeze in from elements a good shock with a copper hammer or punch goes a long way :thumbsup:

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