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Discussion in 'Busa problems' started by manindsin, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. manindsin

    manindsin Registered

    The bike was cranking but would not start. then suddenly it went dead. no indication/light in ignition etc on instrument panel. I have started opening the Left fairing to reach the fuse box. It is a year 2005 bike. Any suggestions please....
  2. bikerboy2182

    bikerboy2182 Registered

    first and always check the battery to see if it has charge.
  3. Busaboomer

    Busaboomer Registered

    Check the battery first, if battery is below a certain voltage think its like 10 volts, the motor will slowly spin over but not fire off due to not enough voltage to fire off ECU, injectors, light the dash, and so on. If the battery is low how old is it? Have rectifier checked and stator checked to ensure proper charging system functions.
  4. kromdom

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    +1 million........lost count how many posters here with starting issues werre caused by a bad battery. Take your batterry to an auto parts store and have it LOAD-TESTED. BTW, welcome to the ORG (although you did sign up back in 2010).
  5. dadofthree

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    Fuel / Fire / Air , start with a good load test of battery. Fully charge battery.

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