Starter relay and fuel pump clicking sound

Discussion in 'Busa problems' started by angel_t65, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. angel_t65

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    I recently swapped my 99 fuel pump and tank for a 06 tank and internal pump, I followed the post by ks-waterbug on this thread:

    for wiring the pump and fuel gauge.

    When I open the ignition I get a clicking sound from the fuel pump and the starter relay the dash have the CHECK message and the needles on the dash flicker a little, I checked the service codes and the ECU have no codes (code C-00).

    I have a 99 Busa with 40,000 k on it.

    Can someone help with this, tanks in advance.
  2. angel_t65

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    Re: Fuel pump and fuel pump clicking sound

    Sorry it is not the starter relay it is the fuel pump relay that clicks. If I disconnect the fuel pump the clicking stops and check message is also gone.
  3. mike1180

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    When I turn on my ignition key, I can hear the fuel pump pumping, and the gauges do one movement to their extremes and back.
    Is that the sound you hear?
  4. angel_t65

    angel_t65 Registered

    No is a clicking that doesn't stop until I disconnect the pump.

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