*SPOILER* MotoGP Qualifying (Qatar)

Discussion in 'Twisties' started by 05 Busa LE, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. 05 Busa LE

    05 Busa LE Donating Member

    Looks like its going to be a good race tomorrow on Speed!

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  2. Lamb busa

    Lamb busa 50 warming to 70 again Donating Member

    Woh! Rossi is 2 seconds back in qualifying? wow
  3. Vic_E55_2001

    Vic_E55_2001 Donating Member

    338 km/h?that`s fast
  4. Big Moe

    Big Moe Registered

    What time will this be airing?
  5. cheferman65

    cheferman65 Registered

    Did anyone else get that sick feeling watching Spies fall and the erie similarity to the Simoncelli fatality...

    Lookin like we might have some decent racing this year! Congrats Cal! Go Ben! Go Nicky!:thumbsup:
  6. HillbillyTom

    HillbillyTom Donating Member

    Moto2 will be on Speed at 2:00 EASTERN today (4-8).
    MotoGP will follow at 3:00.
  7. 05 Busa LE

    05 Busa LE Donating Member

    What's amazing is that Hayden qualified 5th and he's still one second behind. He's always seemed to qualify better than Rossi on the Ducati, but his tires go pretty quickly.
  8. HillbillyTom

    HillbillyTom Donating Member

    Yeah, Vale is only ahead of the CRT bikes, and only 0.8 ahead of his old team mate and CRT "pole" man CEII. Also great to see Crutchlow on the front row on the "customer spec" Tech 3 bike.
    But Valentino has pulled himself up a bit in the morning warm up. CEII still leading the CRT group.. http://www.crash.net/motogp/results/178392/1/qatar_motogp_losail_-_warm-up.html
    ittle less than an hour here and the race starts..:cheerleader:

    Edit: In a little less than an hour the MOTO2 race starts. MotoGP is after that..:thumbsup:

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