So anyone have insurance on a Busa with Juice?

Discussion in 'Nitrous' started by yzguyfl, May 31, 2012.

  1. yzguyfl

    yzguyfl Registered

    State farm told me they would not touch it with nitrous on it. I tried to tell them that it is not even on when driven on the street, but that did not matter.

    Just wondering what others are doing.
  2. Gixx1300R

    Gixx1300R Registered

    why would you tell them in the first place?
  3. yzguyfl

    yzguyfl Registered

    insurance companies LOOK for reasons not to pay out if something happens. If some one pulls out and smacks me I don't want the insurance company to not pay out because I did not tell them I had nitrous.
  4. fiend

    fiend Formerly fiend44444 Donating Member

    Don't say anything about it and if you have to make a claim pull the kit off while they do the work or estimate.

    SKECHE Registered

    :no::dunno::nono:...they are on A NEED TO KNOW program and right now, THEY DONT NEED TO KNOW...:laugh:
  6. outlawbusa

    outlawbusa 1 wheel up aero testing Donating Member

    Isn't that a standard question now, "Are you or your bike on Juice lately?" :laugh:
  7. bisquit61

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  8. m_ridgeway

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  9. dadofthree

    dadofthree Seasoned Beef Donating Member

    Are those stock pipes ....... oh , yes sir they call them dump pipes :laugh:
  10. yzguyfl

    yzguyfl Registered

    My problem is I have a habit of being screwed at every opportunity. Technically misrepresenting something about the vehicle gives them grounds to not pay out, and with my luck I'd pay on it for ever, then not get paid if something happened. (if someone hits me, or it gets stolen, then found in a pile, they will know it had juice).

    Actually yes it is a standard question. Go to progressive on line and start to fill out the info (you don't have to put in your name or go very far) and it specifically asks if you have a turbo or nitrous on the bike. I'd be willing to bet answering this incorrectly gives them grounds to not pay out. Now I don't know if they really would refuse payment, but they are a business and other types of insurances have departments dedicated to finding ways to NOT pay out (not sure if car insurance does).
  11. The Big Red One

    The Big Red One Registered

    I'm with state farm also, full coverage on all my bikes, I asked my agent about the turbo set-up on my 14 after I installed it, she said it wasn't an issue as long as I had the receipts showing the value of the turbo system. My premium didn't change a bit. But I'm in my 40's, married, with a spotless driving record and good credit :dunno:
  12. black diamond busa

    black diamond busa Team Jacob Registered

    When I insured my bike for the first time the questions went in this order.
    I thought they were crazy for even asking but then I was like yeah my bike is such a bada%* they have to ask. After everything was done I asked him why all those questions and he said it was standard questions for certain models. Honda goldwings they have to ask if they had the trike conversion done.
  13. yzguyfl

    yzguyfl Registered

    I have great credit, almost 40, married, and have not had ticket in over 10 years. None of that mattered when I was talking to them. Basically having juice alone made them not want to touch it for any reason what so ever. Would not even talk to me about it.
  14. yzguyfl

    yzguyfl Registered

    actually yes. Go to the progressive site and start filling out busa info, and a standard question is does it have a turbo or nitrous.

    my issue is that I have a tendancy to get screwed when ever possible. With my luck if anything happens, they will see I had nitrous, did not say I did, and then not pay out. I'm pretty sure giving false info (which may include leaving things out) is grounds for them to void the contract and not pay. Which of course would not be discovered until after you had been paying your premium, and something happens.

    GIXERHP ok, ok...just a wee bit Irish... Donating Member

    Dont tell them
  16. The Big Red One

    The Big Red One Registered

    Thats exactly why I asked my agent about the turbo. But I'd had the bikes insured with them for quite awhile before that, maybe that made a diff?...maybe being a long term customer, and making a change to a long term bike, versus a brand new customer coming in with the big hp adder already installed? I know locations vary GREATLY with insurance also.
    Still doesn't make sense that a turbo is okay but nitrous isn't?

    I knew I'd never be able to lie about it, and then count on being able to pull the turbo kit off, and stick stock pipes back on the bike after a wreck....if I was even mobile. That scenario would never have played out well :banghead: And I wanted to get the value back from my turbo system if the bike ever got stolen :thumbsup:
  17. Rollin20z

    Rollin20z Registered

    Was added after policy was written. ??? What's the fuss about? If most insurance companies knew what was done to vehicles/bikes beforehand there would always be a stipulation that would increase policy premium or have a clause where it would be uninsurable. Had an insurance agent once tell me if possible always insure as stock but for reinbursement of mods/enhancers always keep receipts of items even if purchased beforehand and proof(receipts/pics) of items that were added to vehicle/bike after it was insured(declaration written). Now of course to 100% cover your butt it's best to have time/date stamped pics showing proof of mods/upgrades on vehicle if reimbursement is needed or called into question. Cause most adjusters that process the claims won't know half of what their looking at anyhow, and to them a $3500 set of magnesium wheels will look just like a set of $300 stockers unless you can prove otherwise.

    Sorta of like the don't ask, don't tell scenario.
  18. lankeeyankee

    lankeeyankee Banned

    In the minds of those that dont have a clue to performance think in this manner.
    Turbo ohh that makes fast cars come with a turbo option from the factory.
    Nitrous ohh deadly fast street racers fast and furious reckless drivers nitrous ohh no fire explosive dangerous. (I know nitrous isnt flammable) just stating the minds that fully dontunderstand performance mods.
  19. yzguyfl

    yzguyfl Registered

    I know... A stock bike (not that mine is :) ) with a little juice is less insurable than a faster bike with motor work done...

    I am toying with the idea of getting another bottle, maybe a fake one, or drill a hole in it, or just always empty to put on the bike for normal driving (or maybe something with CO2 in it, so I can still work the air shifter :) ), then if anything were to ever happen, and it were to be questioned, I can easily show that there is no way it could have been used normally. Then just swap bottles at the track. The bike is plenty fast without it for the street.
  20. The Big Red One

    The Big Red One Registered

    Very good points :thumbsup:

    Guy, maybe you should do like Rollin suggested, insure the bike as stock at first for the first 6 months or year maybe, then after that time frame, with no tickets or claims, let them know you added nitrous?
    Also Lankee might have a point, to insurance companies maybe a turbo seems somehow "safer", since they come on so many vehicles.....where nitrous sounds like a "race only" add-on :dunno:
    Then again maybe in your area state farm wouldn't do a turbo either........maybe some of our insurance agents can speak up here and help a brutha out :laugh:
    I was a little leery about telling my agent about the turbo as well, but it had to be done.......and worked out for the best in my situation. Great peace of mind :thumbsup: Maybe somebodies trying to tell you its time to turbo? :laugh:

    My wife had an accident with a deer and totaled the rental car she was driving, between state farm and visa we didn't have to pay a dime on an almost 12k dollar bill. And our rates didn't change. Of course that was our first claim ever....but I still think state farms the best, cheapest rates by far on my bikes, and one of the cheapest for our house and cars as well. And the wifes claim was completely hassle free :thumbsup:

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