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Discussion in 'Gen II Busa Information' started by hemi, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. hemi

    hemi Registered

    thinkin about a new lid, the new rf-1100 looks awesome and i might give it a shot. Absolutely love my rf-1000, medium fits me perfect. Will probably order it online, i'm assuming the sizing should be the same from the rf-1000 to the new 1100. Don't really need a new helmet by any means, but man that flat black 1100 looks slick
  2. x-d-x

    x-d-x Registered

    I used to have the RF-1000 and i loved that helmet in every way possible never wanted to change but i ended up going down and smackin it up bad so i bought the RF-1100 and trust me its even better. sizes are the same so order one up bro you will definately be happy you did. The shield, venting, looks and everything is better.::4
  3. fallenarch

    fallenarch I made fun of the panties, now I have them :( Registered

  4. oilfield_trash

    oilfield_trash Registered

    I got one with Graphics and it's a great helmet. I love the fit and the different shell sizes. With my ginormous cranium, it's apparent HJC was compromising safety to make less shell sizes. The RF-1100 is bigger and I'm OK with that.
  5. dsbunton646

    dsbunton646 Registered

    I'm wanting that 1100 Warlord one soooo bad, but just can't make myself spend the cash just yet. All this talk about them might push me over the edge.
  6. oilfield_trash

    oilfield_trash Registered

    I got "Diabolic Revelation". There is so much more to the graphics than what I could see on any website before I bought it. I think I may be Shoei for life now.
  7. weeesss

    weeesss Registered

    I have the Server 2 in XL. Upgraded from HJC and couldn't be happier.
  8. Blanca BusaLess

    Blanca BusaLess Suffers from PBSD Donating Member

    I had an Rf-1100 and I couldn't sell it fast enough. Thing was MUCH noisier than my old Rf-1000. Google 'rf-1100 problems or complaints' youll see numerous folks say same thing.
    New face shield design is much noisier. I bought a leftover Rf-1000 and it's much better. JMO
  9. hemi

    hemi Registered

    seriously? Probably the first negative comment i've seen on the rf-1100, will research on google and see what i find, thanks for the heads up
  10. critterdoc

    critterdoc Banned

    Not a shoei fan myself...arai all the way for me. I'm bald and arai is the only manufacturer that doesn't have a thick seam running around the padding at the very top of the helmet.
  11. hemi

    hemi Registered

    was thinkin about arai, man are those some expensive lids. Iron pony should have both in stock as they carry tons of helmets. Gonna stop by this week and check out the rf-1100 and also try the arai and see how it feels compared to shoei. Anybody want a used black rf-1000 if i end up buying a new lid lol
  12. critterdoc

    critterdoc Banned

    I think for most people it comes down to arai and shoei. They're both incredibly well made. For those (few) of you who are the same vintage as me I think you'll agree that the difference between these new lids and the ones we had 30 years ago is amazing. I still have my original Bell full face helmet. You youngsters would have to wear it to believe how heavy and uncomfortable they were...and, of course, no ventilation whatsoever! Thank goodness I had lots of hair in those days to pad it out!
  13. smac

    smac Donating Member

    Arai Corsair V :thumbsup:
  14. rockethead

    rockethead Registered

    same here, fit is great and exact(never know when ordering online) IDK what mine is called , it's a step down from the 1000... bought it on discount for 300 and I get compliments all the time. i want to step up to the 1100 but I hear ya about the wind noise, it's kinda annoying now, hate to get a new helmet and it be worse:banghead: i think ill just buy new cheekpads and call it a day:whistle:
  15. V-Max 2 Busa

    V-Max 2 Busa Registered

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  16. Brettp

    Brettp Registered

    I have the Shoei Rf-1100, and I just bought the new Bell RS-1. I would really recommend to anyone thinking of getting the Shoei to try the Bell first. It's honestly way more comfortable, and less money. Not to mention you can get the fog free photochromic shield for it like I did. Shield is expensive, but you only need 1. Seriously, if you have the chance, try it out, you won't be disappointed.


    Here is a picture of my Bell RS-1 Panic Zone

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  17. trivial

    trivial Registered

    Justin from Honda East just hooked me up with a flat black one with dark smoke sheild... Great price... Sweet helmet.
  18. fallenarch

    fallenarch I made fun of the panties, now I have them :( Registered

    It's interesting about the wind noise comments on the RF1100. That is exactly the first positive thing I noticed about the helmet (had an RF1000). I wonder if there is a problem with some of the new shields not sealing properly or something because when closed mine feels like a space helmet it's so tight.
  19. oilfield_trash

    oilfield_trash Registered

    When I change shields I have found the shield can function "normally" with being all the way on. The on time I rode like that it was LOUD. I snapped it all in place properly and its good to go.
  20. Blanca BusaLess

    Blanca BusaLess Suffers from PBSD Donating Member

    Ok to clarify. When closed the shield did fit tighter than my older RF1000. It was the newer style chin vent and more forward top vents when open that whistled more. Maybe you guys are riding in the cold with them closed? Don't know.
    I like to ride sometimes with my shield open half way. The newer RF1100 shield when opened at it's half way mark whistled like a sum*****. I had to point my head down to eliminate it and then that was uncomfortable. The RF1000 with shield open half way even at 80 is quiet and whistle free. I did like the removable liner in the RF1100 as well as integral fin on back instead of plastic one glued on but it just wasn't for me.

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