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Discussion in 'General Bike Related Topics' started by Fastfrog007, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. Fastfrog007

    Fastfrog007 Donating Member Registered

    Last year my power commander died, got ahold of a local Busa guy to get some help. We didnt know it was the PC3 at the time, he reached into the tail pulled out a wire harness end, stuck a peice of old wire into 2 of the holes and a code came up on the time screen(06BTW). he went got a book and looked up the code, figured out it was the PC3. anyway whats with the self-diagnostic thing? and no I cant ask him, hes not so good with returning calls apperantly. maybe I smell bad:laugh: thanks guys:thumbsup:
  2. coreywiley

    coreywiley Registered

    I dont know but keep me posted
  3. BusaWizard

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    That's the bikes comp. data link, ALDL connector. You can jump a couple of pins and get the trouble code, or hook up a scan tool that will pull the codes. We have one from Snap-on that does it, it about $3500.00.
  4. Spudley

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    With that, buy a Manual, and a paperclip.

    I'm wondering if anyone has sourced the connector to link it to an on/off switch, or simply cut the connector off, and connected the two pigtails through an on/off switch. I'm thinking of doing that in the tail somewhere..... ::29
  5. smithabusa

    smithabusa Site Sponsor

    yep yep paperclip jumpering the 2 pins will do it for you.
  6. AJAY

    AJAY Registered

    Is this an OBD or OBD-II system?

    If not, what is it? Suzuki proprietary?
  7. BusaWizard

    BusaWizard On a Steel Horse I ride. Donating Member

    The connector isn't shaped like the OBD-II connectors on cars, so I'm not sure what motorcycle compliance's they have.
  8. Mr Bogus

    Mr Bogus Trouble Makers Inc. Donating Member

    every man for themselves... :laugh:
  9. BusaWizard

    BusaWizard On a Steel Horse I ride. Donating Member

    Looks that way.
  10. djsin

    djsin Lily's Daddy Registered

    so did you ever fix the pc3?
  11. Fastfrog007

    Fastfrog007 Donating Member Registered

    Nope, just got a new one. We think the old one crapped out because it wasnt secured well, got all shook up. Its sits in the garage. I heard you can send em to get refurbished but didnt wanna wait so got another and never got around to sending it for repair
  12. Spudley

    Spudley Grippin' and Rippin' Donating Member're NO HELP at all Brother....I would have thought you'd sourced it out already and done this mod...just so you can turn the key-flip the switch-and check the status....kind of thing... :eek:ldcool:

    Okay, fine, I'll snip the wiring, extend it, and wire it to a toggle in the tail..... ::29
  13. coreywiley

    coreywiley Registered

    This reminds me of a military hummer. If you go to start it and it don't just take a paperclip and stick it into a recepticle located on the inside of the cab. You would have to use a pair of pliers because it turns the paperclip red hot. Kind anyone tell where this piece is located on the bike
  14. Fastfrog007

    Fastfrog007 Donating Member Registered

    It hides pretty well in your tail, Its on the clutch side outside the glove compartment in the fairing, its white square thing. Pics are without tail on.

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