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Discussion in 'Engine and Performance mods' started by jch364, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. jch364

    jch364 Registered

    I was wondering if anyone is still selling the second fan set up? Buddy of mine bought one off the org last year and he said it fit perfect. I was thinking of doing this as a winter mod so i was trying to find out if anyone still does this and if so, how much?
  2. ham4864

    ham4864 Registered

    well i just won a fan on ebay for .99 i'm going to make my own and save 140.00
  3. kjcili

    kjcili Donating Member

    Why would you want a 2nd fan?
  4. jch364

    jch364 Registered

    well i was thinking of using it with a manual switch. was thinking it would help keep it cool at the drag strip. tends to get hot of course so i thought this would help keep it cooler. was gonna get a muzzy fan blade also.
  5. djsin

    djsin Lily's Daddy Registered

    let it cool down between hot laps and youll be fine
  6. Commuta_Busa

    Commuta_Busa Donating Member

    stick with the OE fan blades they're more effecient.
  7. warezdog

    warezdog Registered

    Did my second fan kit as well as the temp relocate mod, couldn't be happier when stuck in the horrid DC traffic. Save the 40 bucks on the Muzzy if you're gonna get a second fan. RCC sells a fan thats really easy to mount as well and you can tie it into your existing loom, just add a 15A fuse and no switch needed.
  8. kjcili

    kjcili Donating Member

    2nd fan def not needed on our bikes. the reason they start to get hot is cuz after the fan has ran a couple times, the plastic blades absorb heat and become flimsy and move less air. Simply doing the Muzzy fan is enough to keep 'em cool. Engine ice would be an added bonus.
  9. kjcili

    kjcili Donating Member

    The other problem with second fan is additional amperage draw.

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