Sealing air box for better ram air effect

Discussion in 'Modifications & Aftermarket Equipment' started by OB_gsx1300rguy, Sep 25, 1999.

  1. OB_gsx1300rguy

    OB_gsx1300rguy Registered

    I noticed today when adjusting my throttle bodies that the air box has alot of gaps.I sealed the drain in the front of the box.I was wondering if anybody has removed the two large vent lines on the back of the box and put small K&N type breathers on them and then plugged the holes.The seal between the air box and ramair tubes suck also ,maybe some large diameter hose and hose clamps?
  2. OB_jeffw

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    The reed valve drain seals itself (with vacuum) when the engine is on. Lets hope you do not get any type of moisture in the airbox that needs draining.
  3. OB_KawAbuser

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    Try some aluminum tape(HVAC supply house) on those ram air tubes.
  4. OB_gsx1300rguy

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    How can a ram air box seal on vacume unless the vacume is greater than the positive pressure from the "ram air effect" thats in the box? I dont plan on any deep water crossings [​IMG]....soon

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