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    I just want every one to know about this dirt bag. I paid this guy (Josh Forsyth) $92.00 with Pay Pal. For a set of 03 750 rotors off of Ebay. He never responded to any emails after I sent the money. I don’t know his address or phone number. If any one knows this guy or has any info him. It would be greatly appreciated if you could give it to me. Pay Pal was a dead end. Here is all the info I have on him.

    Ebay id xxxstunters
    Name Josh Forsyth

    Thanks for you time
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    Not sticking up for him but how long has it been? The reason I ask is the samething happened to me. I paid but didn't hear anything for a few days and all of a sudden there they were and I got what I paid for. I hope it all works out for you. Good luck
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    Yea, I had the same problem, not with this guy, I paid $400+ to a guy with many positive feed-backs, and did not hear from him for a few days, but eventually did hear and all was ok.
    His replys were a bit slow, but we got the deal done.

    Ride safe  [​IMG]
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    Hope you get your rotors!

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