Riding Deals Gap next Sat (5/31)

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  1. ericyow

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    As an attorney, we're required to take 15hrs of CLE seminars throughout the year. It's quite the burden, but I'm one to make the most of it. So, instead of taking the 7hr CLE that will be held in my town, I'm taking the same one in Chattanooga next Friday! Why, you ask. Duh! So I can ride Deal's Gap on my 08! Right now I've got 86 miles on her, so this week I've got to put 400 or so more miles on her, change the oil, adjust the chain, and head out next Thursday.

    I'll go to Chatt Thursday evening. The CLE is at the Marriot at 2 Carter Plaza so I need to find a cheapo hotel nearby to stay at Thursday night. Then, I google-mapped a route for Friday evening's ride to Deal's Gap. I need to find a cheapo hotel nearby to stay at then too. If anyone has a good route for me to take from Chatt to the Gap, let me know. Saturday I'll ride the Dragon a few times, then head out, probably via the Skyway, and head home after lunchtime, back to Clarksville (5hrs).

    Hotel suggestions?
    Route suggestions?
    Packing suggestions?

    This is my first road trip like this so I want to do it right (and cheaply). I'm going to attempt the buell peg mod and put my risers on today. We'll see how that goes. Then this weekend put as many 'break-in' miles as possible. I refuse to be constrained to 5500 rpms on the Skyway. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    If you are still in Chattanooga on Friday be sure and come to Nightfall. There are four blocks downtown reserved for motorcycle parking only from 5:30 to 11:00 P.M.


    Here is one of my infamous pictures from Nightfall...

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  3. Rayabusa0818

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  4. Rayabusa0818

    Rayabusa0818 Never Forgotten

    Be sure to ride the Foothills Parkway, Hellbender 28, Thunder Road (Wayah Road on the map), and Cherohala Skyway while you are there.
  5. Mr Bogus

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    Or just follow Don around for a day or 2 .... [​IMG]

    and if it is your first trip up the gap and skyway, I would ride it rather conservatively unless you have a control rider in front of you... as you ride the skyway, you will likely see some orange paint on the road... this was not a good scene.....
  6. Rayabusa0818

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    I would be happy to show him around, but I already have a trip to LA (Lower Alabama [​IMG] ) already planned next weekend.
  7. ericyow

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    Thanks for all the input! I might stay in Chatt just for the evening fun. I'll be mapping out my trip several times before I head out, I'm sure. And I plan on getting to the restaurant and waiting for a control rider, for sure. I've ridden the gap and skyway in 05, 2up on an FZ1 so I went slow and steady.
  8. omslaw

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    Enjoy the trip! My wife has 1 hr of CLE left for this year; I think she's got it scheduled for next week. Hmmm - wonder if I can talk her into doing it there...gimme an excuse to go back there!

    Dear, let's drive 15 hrs ONE WAY so you can complete your 1 hr of CLE... [​IMG]
  9. ericyow

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    CLE hours roll over each year, she can bank 6 extras! Plus, the CLE is CHEAP - $100 (or $25 if she regularly takes Juvi appointments from the court, like me) [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    See if she lacks an ethics hour (she's req'd 3 of the 15 to be ethics). Incentivize it! [​IMG]
  10. omslaw

    omslaw Michelle owns my Busa Staff Member Administrator

    Yeah, she's banked every year... She usually gets them done all at once, but it didn't work out this year.

    Hmmm. Well, as great as it does sound, I still can't ride [​IMG] And there's no way I can survive 15 hours in a car yet. Knee's still too sore...
  11. fishhook

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    Call me if you want somebody to ride with! I think I am free next Sat. I live just north of Chatt. near Don! I just put a new Pilot Road 2 on the Red Head and need to get her out for a little new tire break in! [​IMG]
  12. ericyow

    ericyow Registered

    PM sent, thanks bro!
  13. Churchkey

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    This site has links to ride maps: http://www.kickstandlodge.com/

    From Cbatt: I 24 east to I 75 north toward Knoxville.
    Take exit 20 east (highway 60) about 5 miles to highway 64/74 the first exit toward Ocoee. Follow 64 & in about 14 miles you will be running along the Ocoee river. It has a few zig zags. In fact its all zig zags. Running water on one side & a rock wall on the other side.

    In Ducktown take highway 68 north. You can't miss it as its an overpass. Nice ride to Tellico Plains. zig zags, hilly etc.

    In Tellico Plains turn right on to  highway 165. This is the Cherohala Skyway. Its really a fun ride. Elevation gets up to about 5600'. Watch for some hairpin decreasing radius turns & GRAVEL on the road in the corners from cagers missing the corners.
    When the speed limit gets down to 30-35 on the other side of the mountain be careful & watch for gravel on the road. The highway has been cut across in numerous places for utilitys or something of that sort & has not been repaved yet. If you miss the Robbinsville turn to your left you can turn around in the big church parking lot.

    I would offer to ride with you but I'm erecting a new barn.
  14. Isaiah 40:31

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    Beware of the law. They're not harassing people like they did last year, but they are patroling the area. The NCHP is out there this year, and they are on the Cherohala as well as hwy 28.
  15. RedlineStands

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    Stay at Fontana Village. It's only 11 miles from the gap and you'll love it.

  16. ericyow

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    Churchkey, that ride looks better than the one I'd mapped out. I'll go that route! Thanks all!

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