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Discussion in 'Gen II Busa Information' started by ks-waterbug, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. ks-waterbug

    ks-waterbug Group Buy Guy Moderator

    I'll start it off by saying I love the new ride and really enjoy riding this thing. Now for the bad news my FI light keeps coming on when I throttle quickly to at least 6k rpm. The bike is bone stock and has less than 200 miles on it now (growing everyday). Anyone else experiencing this or something unique to their ride? Post them up here...

    1. FI light keeps coming on
    2. false neutral/shifting probs (hard to get into gear from neutral)
    3. Poor tire/tyre choice from the factory
    4. fit up of fairing assemblies and removal!
    5. Speedo issues
    6. Faulty battery
    7. bad headlight bulbs
    8. Clutch hub and lines
    9. Steering lock won't release
    10 Ticking noise from engine
    11. Hot starts difficult
    12 Bike will not shift from 5th to 6th without going to neutral.
    13 Clutch Spring Bolts make contact with engine case after break- in..... GRINDING NOISE CAN BE HEARD!
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  2. Warchild

    Warchild Banned


    Trying to incite the fanboys, aren't 'cha? The K8 is perfect right out of the crate.... [​IMG]


    Alright, on a serious note.... here's a small annoying issue I have that is not a show-stopper by any means, but is increasingly irritating: the cold start properties appear to be crap.

    Symptoms: The first start in the morning (or whenever the bike is complete cold), I'll turn the ignition on, let the needles sweep through their test, wait an additional 3-4 seconds to allow the fuel pump to completely pressurize the rails, then thumb the starter.

    The bike fires within a couple spins, and idles "okay" around 1300-1400 RPM for the first 1-2 seconds, then falls down to about 900-1000 RPM range and barely stumbles along for a good 5-7 seconds, and feels like it's going to cut out at any moment. After that, it's like the ECU "wakes up" and realizes "oh yeah, I am supposed to be in cold start mode", and picks up the idle to a more appropriate 1300-1500 RPM and keeps it there until the engine is a bit more warmed up, where upon it drops back down to the typical 1100 RPM range.

    Like I say, not a huge problem.... perhaps it'll be just fine when it's not starting in winter ambient temps.... [​IMG]
  3. ks-waterbug

    ks-waterbug Group Buy Guy Moderator

    Yea forgot about that one too.
  4. BusaWizard

    BusaWizard On a Steel Horse I ride. Donating Member

    Good things to know so when I get mine. Keep them coming guys, good info for all.
  5. Scar

    Scar Seasoned Pilot Donating Member

    I don't have any problems with my '08, but I'll keep checking in...

    Good luck, ya'llz...
  6. silverfreak

    silverfreak Registered

    No issues here.just the cold idle after startup.wants to fall on its face for few seconds till the computer picks it back up.was told by dealer mechanic that it was normal.every new 08 busa will do the same thing.
  7. BusaJim08

    BusaJim08 Registered

    I love my 08 Busa just had the 500 mile checkup and oil change. I am real happy about finally being able to open up past 5000 rpms. I am having the 5th to 6th gear false nuetral issue. it seams to be okay with quick shifting from gears 1-5 but really wants a solid longer shift from 5-6 and if I dont it sounds like hell and sits in a false nuetral for what seems like 2-3 minutes but is only 3-4 seconds. I have heard that this settles down after the first couple 1000 miles.
  8. brandue

    brandue Registered

    I have noticed something that is annoying and it's kind of hard to explain. When I am cruising around 3500 to 4000 rpms, I feel like my bike is being pushed back, like wind is pushing against it. The bike seems like it isn't tuned to well from the factory. Those are not rpms I am at alot, but when you're running 45 mph it's hard to want to get out third gear...
  9. Elganja

    Elganja Registered

    I have a similar issue with mine. Shifting from Neutral to 1st is difficult sometimes. It gets to the point where I have to go to 2nd to get moving. But once I am moving I can get back down to 1st with no issues.

    Seems to be 1 out of every 10 times I try to go from N to 1 I get this issue.
  10. 05 Busa LE

    05 Busa LE Donating Member

    So no fast idle (manual) lever on the '08's?
  11. Warchild

    Warchild Banned

    No, there is not.
  12. Professor

    Professor Hayabusa Immortal Staff Member Administrator

    Are you downshifting to 1st gear before you come to a stop? You should be.
  13. BadWeather

    BadWeather Registered

    How about the poor tires or at least in semi-cold weather.
  14. Elganja

    Elganja Registered

    yes, i down shift all the way down to first. but if i am at a redlight or something i put it in N and take a stretch break.

    when it's time to move again and i attempt to put it in 1 that is when I have the issue. It's quite embarrassing...
  15. busacaptain

    busacaptain Formerly LiquidtySplit Registered

    Elganja, I've found on mine if I hold the clutch in for a few seconds before shifting to first at a light I have to release the clutch in neutral again and then shift.
  16. silverfreak

    silverfreak Registered

    Oh definately suck.good for rolling burnouts though. [​IMG]
  17. heykenny

    heykenny Registered

    have them check to see if the 'busa is affected by the idle air control motor change that affected all the K7 GSXR1000s
  18. silverfreak

    silverfreak Registered

    that will be worth looking into.good call. [​IMG]
  19. Warchild

    Warchild Banned

    No question. Particularly in the cold.

    <div class="iF-Passage"><div class="QUOTEHEAD">Quote:</div><div class="QUOTE clearfix"><span class="quoteBegin"> </span>
    have them check to see if the 'busa is affected by the idle air control motor change that affected all the K7 GSXR1000s[/quote]

    Affected all the K7 GSXR1000s..... how, specifically?

    The same poor cold start characteristics described here for the K8 Busa? [​IMG]

    Or some other misbehavior?
  20. CDiPrecision

    CDiPrecision Registered

    The one thing that bugs me is the piss poor fit around the front plastics just below the handlebar area...big ugly gaps and I cant get rid of em... It needs fixing..

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