Recommended stretch and lowering of busa?

Discussion in 'Busa Mods' started by nodnil, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. nodnil

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    Christiansted, United States
    I would like to find out what is the recommended stretch for a hayabusa and lowering of front and back without much compromise of cornering on bike?
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    Somewhere on the Tn River
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    Don't think you can get both worlds on this one.
  4. it depends what you are going to do with it.
    are you going to show it off, or actually ride the thing?
    casual riding or drag strip, track or tour?
    all of those will come into play when choosing what you want to do with your bike.

    me, i wouldn't go very long if i stretched it, and i wouldn't lower it at all. maybe even raise the rear an inch or so. but i tour and rip up twisty roads on my bike.

    ::50 to the ORG! :cheerleader:
  5. Brazilianbusa

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    I replaced my stock swingarm with a 6" over and love it. Due to the change in the pivot point, you will need to lower your rear a little just to get you back to the stock height. Bear in mind that you are recommended to replace the factory shock with a stiffer one (again, due to the pivot point) and if you lower it too much, it will grind up against your undertail (unless you get a Tiger undertail).
  6. GSXTacy

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    Why would you do that? Get a shorter chain and go +1 on the back. It wont hurt your cornering either! :laugh:
  7. sixpack577

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    The Busa will drag the lower fairings at stock heigth through sharp or high speed curves if you're not careful. Especially the throttle side as the engine case sticks out further.
    Once you lower it you lose alot of cornering clearance. That depends on your skill level too. Can you/do you want to drag a knee?
    The longer the wheelbase gets the slower your speed through the same curve will become too.
    If you just want to cruise then stretched and lowered is ok, it's a personal preference.
    If you want to rail corners, don't do either.::4

    DEMMYM Donating Member Registered

    You forgot the most important part.

    6" Stretch / Lowered 1" in front with Soupys lowering block and approx 1 1/2" in rear with Soupys adjustable lowering links

    It looks AWESOME


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  9. dragonbusa

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    slam it! I cant hang in the turns so nether can my bike:laugh:

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  10. nectrplnt

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    san jose, ca
    6 in stretch 1.5 in drop rear, 1 in drop front. love it.
    slammm that ride

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  11. Busa1166

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    Miami, Fl
  12. knightmlk

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    I personally love the 6" streatch, i will post pics of my bike later but as for lowering.... like the others have said it depends on your riding style, I have 1 inch risers which puts me where i like it in the front, as for the rear i have adjustable links which i really love cause if im going cruising i adjust them to lower it down to a sweet stance and when i wanna hit some curve is turn them to raise it back up. I dont ride hard any way but i like it. I do have to watch the right side cause the exhaust will drag. with these mods i have learned a lot, number one, if you are to low you will scrubb holes in your exhaust, if you have a passenger you can know your undertail out or rub a hole through it and get into your break wire. all expensive things to replace, i have cracked my oil pan and everything, so with adjustable rears it gives me a chance to pull over and raise and lower the rear, and the front i have straps where if im cruising I will tighten it down which yes can be dangerous but i loosing it up before heading home, another mod i done was machined my own rear shock replacement which yes it makes it a hard tail but i dont have to worry about damaging my under tail, but i love cruising more than hanging curve. best advice figure out your riding style and build it that way, My dad has a small machine shop at his house so when it comes to damage i can fix my self but if you dont have access to your own way of fixing it then it will cost you... believe me been there done that.

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