Rcc electric water pump for hayabusa

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    This electric water pump flows 5 gallons per minute and draws less than 1 amp.

    The billet housing bolts right into the stock location, using your stock hoses and no modifications. It greatly reduces your engine temps in stop and go traffic, as the water circulates at the same rate all the time. Using a switched radiator fan, you can run this pump and the fan with the bike not running to cool it down on a hot day, or after a pass. There is enough clearance for billet sprocket covers, slave supports, or cable conversions.

    Another plus is the fact that your engine no longer has to push a water pump, freeing up more horsepower!

    Great for motor bikes, nitrous bikes, and especially for turbo bikes!


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  2. GPW

    GPW Donating Member

    Knowing what I know today...excellent product!
  3. Commuta_Busa

    Commuta_Busa Donating Member

    great product I've been using it for years. :thumbsup:

    way back when I looked at more than a few elect. pumps and this one seemed to fit the bill the best. ::6 Richard puts together some really good products ::4

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  4. RYC1966

    RYC1966 Donating Member

    What do you do with the shafts that connect the oil pump to the water pump?

    If you remove them...do you have to pull all the items on the clutch side to complete the job?

    Sounds good, a bit expensive...but having the most efficent package is always a plus.
  5. Commuta_Busa

    Commuta_Busa Donating Member

    you just have to pull out the entier OE water pump assembly nothing else. You're right it's not cheap but you get what you pay for.

    Oh yea, as Frank mentioned it's great being able to run the pump after you turn the engine off. I never get any heat soak any more.
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  6. Destin07

    Destin07 Registered

    How much does a stock water pump flow? doesn't it work off engine RPM? This would be awesome product if to use if one had a 1397 bore on a turbo as well or any stroker
  7. Commuta_Busa

    Commuta_Busa Donating Member

    Says 5 gallons per minute. Since it's electric that's what the pump can flow regardless of engine rpm.

    POWERHOUSE Frank Site Sponsor Registered

    This pump definately flows more than the stock pump from idle all the way up to at least 6,000 rpm . . . after that I am not sure. . . however, I will say this: most of the issues with busas have to do with either oil pressure or cooling. As far as cooling is concerned, it is not when you are going down the road "shifting in the breeze":laugh: it is when you are in bumper to bumper traffic, or just sitting at a light . . . either way, this pump is at "max" all the time.

    Personally, I like the ability to shut the motor down and keep this pump and the fan going while she cools down . . .:whistle:
  9. Busa1166

    Busa1166 Donating Member

    Would this be good for street use??? i don't race but in traffic she gets real nasty:laugh: And don't electric pumps have much shorter life span than the oem???
  10. heavybusa

    heavybusa Just another guy Donating Member

    Thats exactly what I was thinking and wondering...
  11. kawiboy11

    kawiboy11 Donating Member

    Nice.......I want one, oh......wait I can't afford it!:cheerleader:

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    I have this pump on several street turbos, including my own personal Ultra. I have run this pump over 6,000 miles so far without incident. It definately
    keeps the temps down on my bike. So yes, it is great for street use.

    As far as having a shorter life span than OEM - the OEM pump is mechanical, it drives off the oil pump, which is driven off the gear on the back of the clutch - so it obviously is never going to fail. Electrical components are another story. Sometime in the life of your bike your alternator is going to fail, your regulator is going to fail, your fuel pump is going to fail - maybe.

    I installed an indicator light on my dash that is only on when the water pump is running, to let me know . . . over two years so far with no problem.

    Bottom line is this: this pump is not necessary on a stock busa. If you have a turbo, a built motor, if you are running an air-to-air intercooler that partially blocks your radiator - if you have a cooling problem, period - this pump could be for you. . .:director:
  13. turbobusa2000

    turbobusa2000 Registered

    Commuta said he's been using it for years, wonder how long?::25
  14. OZBooster

    OZBooster Registered

    I have a davies craig ebp on mine since 04 ,pretty sure they were what Richard used from about then and may still be the core of the new billet pumps, or at least the same technology of brushless motor , there rated to 10000 hrs + , think you would be fairly busy riding to wear one out
  15. turbobusa2000

    turbobusa2000 Registered

    Does that pump fit within the stock water pump location on the cases.

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  17. OZBooster

    OZBooster Registered

    The Davies craig does not,using mine as an intercooler pump not engine waterpump , my example was mostly as an expected life of these pumps in continuous use,
  18. Commuta_Busa

    Commuta_Busa Donating Member

    I ran mine on the street for a little over a 1.5 years or more than 30k miles and then the rest of the time has been for racing. I've had it since the start of 2007. As already mentioned it's electrical so eventualy it'll need to be rebuilt/replaced.

    POWERHOUSE Frank Site Sponsor Registered

    The pump used here has a brushless motor, magnetic drive, and no shaft seal. It will operate from 9V DC to 15V DC and has an expected life span of 15,000 hours.

    Gee, that means I could start my bike and ride it 24 hours a day for almost the next two years before I even have to think about the water pump. . .::22
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