R1 wheel conversion with pic's

Discussion in 'Busa Mods' started by sweatnblood, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. sweatnblood

    sweatnblood Registered

    Here are some pic's with my R1 wheels...it was pretty easy...just bought a front axle from chopleg and spaced the calipers with some washers...and bam...looks and weight savings:cheerleader:

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  2. kairles

    kairles Donating Member

    Care to go into more detail? Looks good
  3. GsxrBots

    GsxrBots Motorboatin' Moonpies, Gangnam Style Registered

    How about some full bike shots? How much lighter are they?
  4. nabusa

    nabusa Registered

    Pic of the front rim and the whole bike?
  5. bisquit61

    bisquit61 Registered

    I've been wanting to do this mod for awhile. I heard the back wheel is like 4lbs lighter. Yes it does look good
  6. card16969

    card16969 Registered

    Do our rotors and sprockets bolt up or are you using the r1 parts etc.... i really like that setup. I agree more pics!!!!
  7. Big Moe

    Big Moe Registered

    Looks great! I agree, we need pix!!:thumbsup:
  8. Big E

    Big E Donating Member

    You would need all rotors and sprocket from an R1.
  9. card16969

    card16969 Registered

    alright that counts me out for now since i just bought new sprockets and rotors haha
  10. SlowBoyMoto

    SlowBoyMoto Donating Member

    Using hardened washers for the spacing of the caliper?
  11. RussellJ

    RussellJ Rick Rollin' Registered

    Wouldve been a nice mod to do back when i got new rotors :laugh:
  12. 02BusaAndy

    02BusaAndy Registered

    I really like that look, what year wheels did you use and def post up some full bike shots along with closeup of the front wheel...
  13. Ludicrous Speed

    Ludicrous Speed Registered

    Not a very good shot

    My project
  14. Ludicrous Speed

    Ludicrous Speed Registered

    NM, gotta post them to photobucket first
  15. Ludicrous Speed

    Ludicrous Speed Registered


  16. Ludicrous Speed

    Ludicrous Speed Registered

    The front rotors on the Gen1 Busa are 7mm wider than the R1, so 3.5mm is how far to space the calipers in using hardened washers

    Not sure about the back one, I have gotten it close but not perfect yet. Since there is only one rotor, it is hard to figure the distance, so you you have to go by eye or use feeler gauges
  17. sweatnblood

    sweatnblood Registered

    Sorry guys been hard to take a good photo with the Iphone...but for the basic rundown
    you will use all R1 rotors front and back...I bought a front axle made by chopleg on the psycho bike forms...it was 130$ and then just need to use some washers on the calipers to get it set right...I don't have exact weight savings...but it's close to 6-8lbs all together...I went looking for wheels on craigs list and found a front 150 and then a brand new rear for 180...that with the $130 for the front axle and the $60 for the vortex sprocket...so about 500$ when all said and done...but you can alway just buy the wheels separate and buy all the parts over the course of a few months...anyway I'll try and get better pic's this week

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  18. Ludicrous Speed

    Ludicrous Speed Registered

    FWIW, I bought mine off the R1 forums, loaded. Tires, wheels, bearings, spacers, rotors, sprocket and sprocket carrier TMD for $500. And they were 09 wheels that had 125 mile Pilot Pures on them
  19. sweatnblood

    sweatnblood Registered

    awesome deal for sure...I really love the look of the 5 star...no matter if you drag, hit the curves or just look good...they kick ass:laugh:
  20. 02BusaAndy

    02BusaAndy Registered

    Thanks for the pics and they look great on both bikes, i'll be getting these wheels in the next month for sure...

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