President supports gay marriage

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Blanca BusaLess, May 9, 2012.

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  1. Blanca BusaLess

    Blanca BusaLess Suffers from PBSD Donating Member

    Obama supports gay marriage: How will it affect his re-election campaign? - ABC News

    We've talked about it before but in light of today's announcement by our President I thought it deserved another round. Politically one would think that this will cost him more votes than it will gain. Morally it may be the same. Agree with it or not this is an historic event. He did not stutter or play with words. He said it straight and forward, he supports gay marriage. This is first time an American president has said it as clear as this. No doubt in the meaning of his words.

    This from him today is really strange because had I not gone to work today my reaction would be different. Born and raised a red blooded Christian I am. I was raised to believe certain things are right and others are wrong. Personal experiences and observations have solidified these in me. Outspoken I've been regarding certain things. Had I not been at work today I would not have had the opportunity to have my mind opened a bit more and my beliefs challenged. I greeted a couple today, two men. It was obvious from get go they were partners. Ok fine work is not the place to discuss personal beliefs so let's make a deal. Found perfect vehicle, had clean trade, all went well but we were a ways away still on figures. So they left. After they left I found it hard to 'fault' them if I may with their lifestyle. Not outwardly announcing it but instead just two nice guys. Thru course of convo I learned they had adopted some kids. Again not one of my favorite things that happen but I didn't let it phase me.
    Later they call back and we work things out and they come back around three hours later. Said they had to pick up the kids. Ok again let's make a deal. They arrive. I spent about four hours with them this time and the three adopted children they had, two boys 4 and 6 and a girl about 8. The guys were white, kids were black. Wow! As if this wasn't challenging everything I thought to be wrong? I've always supported their right to have rights but always to a certain point. This was past the line my 42yr lifelong morals had given me. But thru the course of the next four hours I saw and experienced first hand two seemingly decent guys and three beautiful children. The kids had been in four different foster homes before this. The guys were only looking for one young child but found it difficult as they often have siblings. This trio were two brothers and sister. I heard them say daddy more times than I can remember to both. They were very well behaved and mannered. I had to babysit them for more than an hour while the dads were signing in. We watched two episodes of Americas funniest videos in the lounge. Great time, I love kids. We were giggling and laughing and all.
    Yeah I know, long post...
    The kids are obviously in a good loving environment and it showed. The guys were very nice and great to work with. Before today I would have staunchly said hell to the no on the whole deal but after this I'm softening? I know my supporters are sitting Experiences in life sometimes make you stop and rethink things. Today was to say the least an eye opener. I was not gonna say anything but in light of todays announcement I felt I wanted to share an event directly related.

    Please keep it civil and act like adults in this thread.
  2. Warchild

    Warchild Banned



    MC MUSTANG Peace Keeper or Ban Hammer; it's up to you... Administrator Donating Member

    Tomorrow, I am going to respond to this. Not bad or good, just respond.
  4. Blanca BusaLess

    Blanca BusaLess Suffers from PBSD Donating Member

    Mc it took me a while to comprehend what had happened today at work. Then I come home and see 'breaking news'! Before my defcon level would have shot thru the roof but after meeting and speaking and sitting and observing I saw a speck of light in a tunnel that had been pitch black my entire life.
  5. Rainbow7

    Rainbow7 Registered

    This is nothing more than a ploy to gain votes from stupid people.

    Congratulations, Democrats: you have finally succeeded in your ambition of having the USA governed by people with no morals at all.

    Isaiah 5:20 describes the situation perfectly.
  6. Robusa

    Robusa Registered

    I think it falls into the catagory "talk is cheap". He said he supports it but wouldn't move forwared to do anything about it and wouold just leave it up to the states. Imagine if Lincoln would have left slavery up to the states and ignore equality. Looks like a simple stunt to pull in the ignorant
  7. Robusa

    Robusa Registered

    Religion should never play a part. If thats the case who's religion do we follow, yours mine or otherwise? Its an equality issue not a moral issue.
  8. PB1

    PB1 Formerly Rosung Petty Registered


    GNBRETT Registered

    sometimes I wonder why the whole gay marriage thing continues to make headlines. I care about the economy, housing market, jobs, wars, taxes, gas prices, crime on the borders, etc.... I dont care what the president or anyone else thinks about what gay people do in their personal life or who they marry. its not important. its sensational but not important.

    if gay people who are some of the most productive ppl in society want to have a piece of paper saying their married who gives a chit? no more then I give a chit about straight ppl getting married to whoever. thats their business not mine.

    just a political move imo. Obama more or less removes the issue from any upcoming debates. both Romney and him believe it is a states rights issue.

    personally I dont think he backs gay marriage equality at all. he stressed that this is a personal position, and that he still supports the concept of states deciding the issue on their own.???

    how do u have it both ways? how do u believe that gays have the right to marry and then believe that states have the right to ban gay marriage???? Obama ur the POTUS so ur personal beliefs have a tendency of becoming policy as they should since ur POTUS.....:whistle: If were talking rights then its a federal issue.

    hes trying to win some liberal votes. I dont think he or that bafoon Biden support it at all. smoke screen imo.
  10. wjcbsr

    wjcbsr Registered

    Maybe you guys are just over thinking all of this. Of course the guy wants votes but maybe, just maybe he wants everyone to have the same freedom as everyone else. You know, a civil rights thing. Can that be so bad? Gay, Hetero, Christian, Muslim; who cares? Live and let live my friends.

  11. newb

    newb Registered

    I generally avoid political conversations as they will usually become emotionally charged, but I will say this.

    To complain or point the finger and call it a ploy is a little unfair in this case. Although I do believe there was some political motivation (there always is), I do not take his leaving it to the states as anything other than what the republicans and states would "want" him to do if he tried to force it as national policy. Seems like a damned if you do, damned if you don't argument. By not forcing it everyone will complain it wasn't genuine.

    OP, I am glad you had your experience today. I consider myself open minded and still have my beliefs. As a society that claims so many freedoms, we sure do discriminate an awful lot. Part of the reason other countries see us a two-faced Hippocrates.
  12. Twobrothersbusa

    Twobrothersbusa Team Gixxer Racing; IDMBT #1 Moderator Donating Member Registered

    If it happened all it once, people would throw up their arms and scream no happens a small bit at a time, slowly where you can be made to tolerate anything.

    I did not state the meaning of "it".
  13. Stilslo

    Stilslo Registered

    America was founded on Christian beliefs. Take a walk around D.C. "In God We Trust" engraved on most monuments and historic buildings. It's even on our currency.
  14. TWT racer

    TWT racer Registered

  15. VaBusa

    VaBusa oRg Gal Staff Member Administrator

    Gay marriage has never bothered me; honestly don't understand the huge frickin' deal. Two people want to be together, marry, who cares?

    As for Obama, while I'm not a fan of his, and it's sooooo hard for me to believe ANYTHING ANY politician says isn't to gain votes, perhaps this is truly how he feels and he felt it was finally OK to say the end, what difference does him saying this truly make? Not much, IMHO...
  16. lil charlie

    lil charlie Registered

    Saiid, I’m glad to see that you are so open minded, we should all try to be a tad more open to change. To turn the deal away biased on your personal beliefs would have been dumb. Unless you are the owner business and personal should never mix. As to the president’s statements: It was nothing more than a political ploy to gain the gay and lesbian vote. You say that this will cost him more votes that it will gain. How so? The vast majority of people who are against this movement are already republicans who are not voting for him anyways.
  17. Blanca BusaLess

    Blanca BusaLess Suffers from PBSD Donating Member

    I think he already had the lgbt votes. Romney certainly won't get them. The old democrats who still hold dear to Christians values may be turned off as well as the swing voters like guys with names on the blue collar shirts. Some who may not have bonded with Romney and were willing to consider Obama may now be back on the fence. I see it costing more than it gained.

    I'm always willing to listen and see it from the other side. I may not agree with it but I'll listen. Certainly would not have turned it down even if they were outright and oppressing. I just found it difficult to be uncomfortable around them if you can understand that. I need more time to be able to properly put this into words.
  18. VaBusa

    VaBusa oRg Gal Staff Member Administrator

    It's not hard to put in to words grew ever so slightly in experience. You had a preconceived notion of how someone that chooses that lifestyle, lives, but you realized yesterday that they're people just like you, living a life, contributing to society, raising a family. I may not fully understand how some choose to do the things they do, but I can surely appreciate their right to do so and know that they aren't hurting anyone anymore than I think I am.
  19. Gpmo

    Gpmo Registered

    More history is needed. America was founded by people fleeing the old world for being prosecuted for their religious beliefs or social standings We were founded on the idea of freedom of religion NOT to be run by religion. Then theres the whole taxation w/o representation and such. Also In god we trust was added to a lot of things including our money In the mid 1900s as a propaganda ploy. It wasn't originally designed to be there nor in our pledge of allegiance. .

    Do some reading and see how some of our founders felt about the role of religion in government. It's rather interesting. Also read about how the persecuted came to the new world an switched roles.

    As for why would Obama loose votes it's mainly to do with Latinos and African American. See both groups are generally left leaning but with some social issues are extremely conservative. And one of those issues is homosexuality. By coming out and say he support he risk those votes being lost or even for heads to look at the right side. Plus the amount of independent voters In this country is growing fast. This is a big population who may have beliefs in social conservatism but not fiscal and vice versa. I'm amazed he said it personally.

    Saiid you sir are a good man.
  20. Blanca BusaLess

    Blanca BusaLess Suffers from PBSD Donating Member

    It wasn't that I had a notion they were all the same. It's that these two showed me they can live a lifestyle without being oppressive on their public appearance. They just didn't come off as 'this is how we are and you have to accept it!'. Just regular guys. I have never had any problem with it really. I just didn't want to see it marching down the street. It is for me difficult to put into words and I didn't sleep much last night either. The left and right of me were toiling all night long. I was truly happy for the kids. They appear to be in a much better loving home now. How could I oppose that? Here A month or so ago I was a complete contradiction to myself now. My head hurts.
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