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Discussion in 'New Owners Forum' started by Dustman, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. Dustman

    Dustman Hayabusa Immortal Donating Member

    Okay, lots of people keep asking how to post pictures in the forums.  Hopefully this will explain it all.

    There are actually 3 ways to do it.

    I. The single pic method:
    1. When posting a reply, near bottom of the page you will see File Attachments, with a blank text box and a browse button.
    2. Click browse, find the picture you want to post and click open.
    3. Click Post New Topic or Add Reply (whichever one is there).  This will put the picture at the bottom of your post.

    II. The Upload Center Method (multiple pics)
    1. Goto your upload center.
    2. Click <input type="button" value=" Browse... " class="forminput"> and select the pic you want to upload. (You can upload up to 5 pics at a time this way)
    3. Click upload files.
    4. Post a new topic and use the <input type="button" value=" Image " class="forminput"> button.  The URL of your pic will be in the form of  You can post up to 10 images per post this way.  Be sure to put a blank line between the pics though.
    NOTE: Every member has an upload center account.  It uses the email address you used when you signed up for an account here.  It is cAse SenSAtIvE and by default you can store up to 1024k.  This limit can be raise if you suck up to an admin [​IMG].  You can view and delete your files by clicking the Manage Files link from the upload page.

    III. The gallery method. (multiple pics)
    1. Go to the Members Pics album in the gallery (the PICS and Archives link at the bottom of every page).
    2. Click the add photos link in the top right corner.
    3. A new page will open up with text boxes and <input type="button" value=" browse " class="forminput"> buttons.  Select the pics you want to upload and click upload now.
    4. Find the pic that you just uploaded and click on its thumbnail to load the full size version.
    5. Right click on the picture and select properties.
    6. Copy down the Address URL of the pic. Should be something like .
    7. Post a new topic and use the <input type="button" value=" Image " class="forminput"> button.  When asked for a URL, type in the URL from step 6.  You can post up to 10 images per post this way.  Again, be sure to put a blank line between the pics.
  2. stockerjo

    stockerjo Registered

    Thanks Dustman.  This is just a test for myself since I've been unable to post pics. I may still be unable to.

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  3. stockerjo

    stockerjo Registered

    It did work.  The picture posted, but I never did see the the "Post New Topic" button.
  4. Dustman

    Dustman Hayabusa Immortal Donating Member

    Sorry about that.. the button says Post New Topic if you are starting a new topic. If you're posting the pic in a reply to a topic, the button will say Add Reply.
  5. busapilot911

    busapilot911 Registered

    I am having trouble with my size, It's too large! How do I make it smaller so it will fit (and yes, I am talking about my picture!) [​IMG]
  6. jwcfbd

    jwcfbd Moderator

    An easy way to reduce the picture size is to use Paint. Open your picture in windows Paint and then click on Image. Then Stretch/Skew. Now just change the value in the Stretch section next to Horizontal and Vertical. Start with 50% and go from there until you find the size that fits. Now save the pic and post it here.
  7. Dustman

    Dustman Hayabusa Immortal Donating Member

    Yup.. thats probably the easiest way. The gallery should also scale them down to 640X480 if you use method number three.
  8. The Oracle

    The Oracle Registered

    when I use the file attachment it comes up like this...

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  9. The Oracle

    The Oracle Registered

    figures... It friggin works now!

  10. Mikey D

    Mikey D Registered

    Dear Sir,
    How do you properly quote someone so it referances the author?  I tried clicking the quote button, cut/paste the text from below and clicking the quote button again.  It formatted the quote box but didn't referance the author.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Ride Safe! [​IMG]
  11. Dustman

    Dustman Hayabusa Immortal Donating Member

    If you click the [​IMG] button on the actual post that you want to quote instead of the [​IMG] button, it should bring up a reply page.  This page looks like a normal reply except for the additional box at the bottom called "Original Post".

    You can edit the text in the "Original Post" box if you only want to quote part of the message.

    If you click Add Reply, it will immediately post the quote, followed by your message.  However, its generally best when quoting, to do Preview Post.  When you do this, you will notice that you get all the info in a normal reply page.  The quote will actually be enclosed in [ quote ] tags.  You can then move the quote to a different part of your reply just by cutting and pasting those tags and everything between them.

    If you're already in a reply and decide to quote somebody, or want to quote multiple people, use the quote button that is on the reply screen (by the code, image, and flash buttons).  This will insert the [ QUOTE] tag.  You can make it show an author and time by using the following format: [ quote=USERNAME,Sep. 16 2003,12:53] type the quote here [ /QUOTE].  Notice, when you're actually doing this, don't put a space between the bracket and the quote.. I have to do this so it will show up for you here.  This example produces:
    I hope that helps ya out.
  12. Mikey D

    Mikey D Registered

    It did!
    Thank you

    Ride Safe [​IMG]
  13. apike001

    apike001 Registered

    NICE Faq!

    "mongo like purty pictures"!!
  14. Buffo Busa

    Buffo Busa Registered

    Why am I no longer able to see "add images" in the top right in the members gallery area? All I can see is "slideshow" or "login". When I click login it says I have an invalid user name or password.

    The upload centre I have never been able to use because i get a debug message and the attach image function of add post just doesn't seem to be working for me at the moment.

    This is pissing me off no end.

    I have also tried linking to accounts at imagestation, webshots and villiagephotos and none of them will work either!

  15. Dustman

    Dustman Hayabusa Immortal Donating Member

    Well, the upload center seems to be working fine to me and so is the attache image. Let me know if its still giving you probs and I'll see if I can help you out.

    I just fixed the gallery. We had to completely reinstall it the other day and we forgot to add the upload permissions to that gallery.

    As far as linking to other sites.. there's nothing here that would keep you from doing that. You have to pay attention sometimes though cause if its a site that requires you to log in, it won't work. Sometimes you don't realize this cause you've made it always remember you with cookies.
  16. Buffo Busa

    Buffo Busa Registered

    No, you are right on this, its got nothing to do with this site, just the photo hosting sites wouldn't allow linking to another site.

    I was able to post the pic now that I can upload to the members gallery.

    Thanks Dustman. [​IMG]
  17. I cant upload here either [​IMG]
  18. Copperone

    Copperone One of the Few, the proud - Donating Member

    Thanks Dustman, I think I've got it figured out. This is a test, just to see if I did it right. Thanks again...

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  19. arey

    arey Go Giants Donating Member

  20. arey

    arey Go Giants Donating Member

    Man I need to buy a good digital camera

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