Plug and Play Teather Kill Switch?

Discussion in 'Gen II Busa Information' started by AK Addict, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. AK Addict

    AK Addict Registered

    OK guys I'm taking my 09 to the track and need a kill switch. I hate the thought of cutting any wires so I'm looking for suggestions for a plug and play unit. BTW here she is.
  2. fast08busa

    fast08busa Professional Pilot kinda sorta Registered

    I dont think ive ever heard of something like that, i did mine on my own and had to cut wires it wasnt that bad. Im not technically savvy by any means either.
  3. Pat Dietrich

    Pat Dietrich Registered

    They do make them but its not a bad job to cut 1 wire that runs out of our kill button housing ( orange wire) and add the kill wires. Might take you all of 10mins total to hook it up.
  4. Professor

    Professor Hayabusa Immortal Staff Member Administrator

    I've never seen one but it sounds like a task for smithabusa to build a harness. The connectors might make it to expensive for people to be willing to pay the price however.
  5. H2447INTX

    H2447INTX Registered

    no if greg was to build it it would be fairly cheap im sure, just not sure wher it would plug into

    i guess the wires have a plug someplace down the line, he could splice into, and then just run the kill switch off the bars somplace ,

    its the mounting bracket that cost so much

    i got mine off the site for 50 bucks was a PMR and yes they are super simple to install

    only problem is they go with the bike if you sell it
  6. Pat Dietrich

    Pat Dietrich Registered

  7. djsin

    djsin Lily's Daddy Registered

    do what i did...unsolder the 2 wires from the inside of the original on/off kill switch and re-solder them to the 2 wires from the new kill switch. no cuting necessary and all the soldered wires can still be hidden under the control lever housing. when u take it back off just re-solder the wires back to the button:thumbsup: I also did this on the other side..took wires off the pass button...heat shrunk them so they wouldnt touch anything..then soldered on the wires that go to my nos solenoid ... and now the pass button really means pass
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  8. jeff355

    jeff355 Donating Member Registered

    I have the 1 Pat linked ya to from Ryan at Schnitz. Super easy and NO splicing. The only way to fly. Oh, its on my Gen 1

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  9. Rip777s

    Rip777s Donating Member


    Looks like the Schnitz without the harness.
  10. smithabusa

    smithabusa Site Sponsor

    yep they go into the kickstand connector ;)
  11. r1d3on3

    r1d3on3 Registered

    I got an mps ks and just ran the wires into the run/off switch box and soldered in. Easy as pie, and the best part is no one can even see how crappy of a soldering job you did :thumbsup:
  12. frisbee

    frisbee GODSPEED RACING Donating Member

    Doesn't the busa have a tipover kill switch built in already ?
  13. Dozerdriver

    Dozerdriver Registered

    Yes... but at the track they might stay up on 2 wheels for awhile :laugh:
  14. r1d3on3

    r1d3on3 Registered

    :lol: how long would it take for a busa to finally stop by itself from a 150+mph roll.

    You could just find you an outlaw track bro, go out there in flip flops and t-shirt and give it hell. :rofl: at least thats how the two i've been to were. well, the last time i went to ours, i take it back, they did do a tech, if no fluids were under the bike you were gold.
  15. george b

    george b Registered

    do they test it?? i was reading on motohouston about people going to academy/walmart and picking up a kill tether for a boat, just velcro-ing it to the bike and faking it. and what the guy above said, some tracks are saying the tipover sensor is good enough.
  16. AK Addict

    AK Addict Registered

    Thanks for the replys, guess I'll try the schnitz.
  17. Jaysus

    Jaysus Bling Free Donating Member

    I've got the PMR on my blackbird
  18. djsin

    djsin Lily's Daddy Registered

    someone did it at the texas mile at 200 mph..i believe the bike ran for a long way before falling over
  19. 1SlowBusaKid

    1SlowBusaKid Registered

    Hey guys, looking to do the kill switch this week - I've got the one that plugs directly into the kickstand switch.

    What's the easiest way to access the plug for the switch? I popped the switch off but the plug doesn't go right into it (I'm assuming the harness extends into the fairing somewhere).

  20. smithabusa

    smithabusa Site Sponsor

    there should only be 1 two pin connector for sidestand, i remember a while back hearing of some that were shipped with incorrect connector, take a pic

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