Plastic surgery to look like your hero?

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by jphilipson, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. jphilipson

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  2. BusaBret

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    Takes all kinds to make the world go 'round.

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  4. mrsBusawhipped

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    Uh, creepy!
  5. mr8ball

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    Freak. Guess he needed a life
  6. BlondeOnaBusa

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    How much you wanna bet he's single.....just say'n.
  7. BusaBret

    BusaBret Almost...... Donating Member

    Lives with his mother and has a 160+ IQ


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  8. jphilipson

    jphilipson Registered

    Unless he's met Lois Lane :laugh:
  9. superbeagle

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    What a tool.

    GNBRETT Registered

    guess he does look better but that wasnt a hard feat to accomplish based on what he looked like b4
  11. Busa1166

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  12. chrisjp

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  13. Blanca BusaLess

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    A quote from one of the comments on same page, toward the end...

    I would pretty much agree with the above but I wonder about the mental stability of a person like this and hope hes not around any children cuz one or two may come up missing.
  14. karnage

    karnage Registered

    Didnt know they made underroos for adults.
  15. Big Bo

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    I saw that on the news, head problems.
  16. cheferman65

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    A little electrolysis, a boob job, I bet I'd make a fine Wonder Woman! :rofl:

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