ohlins steering damper

Discussion in 'Parts and Modifications' started by mimic, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. mimic

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    Ohlins damper for sale. Was bought new and installed on a bike that a girl rode for less than 300 miles. She was supposed to make payments to the guy but ended up giving the bike back. Suffice to say, the damper is for sale.

    450$ + shipping + paypal fees

  2. mimic

    mimic Registered

    400$ + shipping and paypal fees
  3. cheferman65

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  4. mimic

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    Thanks but if you look at the link you posted 324.99 is just the damper with no mounting brackets.
    What I've posted is 568.65$ :whistle:

    Pasted from your link

    Hayabusa 99-02
    Top/Tank 63mm
    Retail $669
    SALE $568.65

    Hayabusa 03-12
    Top/Tank 63mm
    Retail $669
    SALE $568.65

    Includes Resistor
    Stock 68mm
    Retail $425
    SALE $324.99
  5. GoldenChild

    GoldenChild DID HE REALLY SAY THAT? Donating Member

    one he posted mounts in stock location and only hardware needed is included. It's one single mount.

  6. mimic

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    Good to know, but the one I'm selling mounts on the goose neck and tank bolts as shown in the picture and sells for 568$ not 324$.
    I'm just trying to explain the price tag so people don't think it's more expensive than a new one. :upside:

    GNBRETT Registered

    thats not the same one at all and you cant make adjustments to it on the fly when its mounted in the stock location like the one the OP posted.

    I have the same one and make adjustments on the fly when I want. cant do that if its in the stock location.
  8. 1busa

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    Good luck with the sale but I think its priced a bit too high compared to the used 1's for sale on other forums and ebay
  9. 04LE

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  10. Blanca BusaLess

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    It's more difficult but it can be done. Just need skinny hands :)

    GNBRETT Registered

    well considering I have monkey hands that could palm a basketball in 6th grade that's not an option for me.:laugh: but it did help in me being able to perform thunderous dunks:thumbsup:
  12. drgnrcr

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    Is this still available?
  13. 04LE

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    Hardracing.com has them
  14. mimic

    mimic Registered

    This was sold 2 weeks ago and the buyer backed out so it's back for sale. New price 350$ Shipped within canada or lower 48.


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