Odometer problem and speedo not working.

Discussion in 'Busa problems' started by spikyboo, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. spikyboo

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    While on a ride, I realized that my trip meters had reset to 0 and was not counting the right distance. As well as the total trip meter, it reset and showed 19 km. Made a 75 km trip back home and showed 22 km once I got home. In the fuel consumption display, stuck on km/L. Can't switch to L/100km holding for 3 sec the button. At this moment the speedometer was still working fine. Removed the gauge and harness, plug it back, then the speedometer went dead too. I cleaned the speed sensor, unplug my speedo healer, checked the fuses, unplug my HID, disconnected the batterie... nothing worked. Will go to the dealer to see if a new speed sensor may do the job, or if the cluster went mad.... dealer said he never heard of that problem.... is this happened to someone else here? I already made a search, saw that some problems were similar to mine, but not exactly the same.... help would be appreciate.
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    My bike was kinda acting like that and it was the plug in the back of the gauges..i guess it wasnt in there right or not making contact..
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    If the connection is good, sounds like a gauge cluster issue brother. If you know someone close you could swap gauges to see if the problem tracks. ECU would be secondary or cable issue.
  4. spikyboo

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    I'm back from the dealer. He thinks it's the cluster. He took the speed sensor off and look inside the case to see if something was loose. Everything ok inside, but didn't test the speed sensor. Said it's probably the cluster. At least, he didn't ask me no money...

    @ dadofthree: Yeah... I'm the only one I know who owns a busa... I don't know what to do for now....
  5. GoldenChild

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    I have guages if you need them, issue would be getting them to you with canada post situation up there.
  6. spikyboo

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    Ok, I decided to take a look at the cluster circuit board. I found that the mentionned resistance (R90, R92, R130 and R132) are showing 0 on the multimeter. How can I know how many Watts and Ohms these resistance are, to replace them? I think these are the problem, cause tell me if I'm wrong, a resistance showing 0 is a bad resistance right?

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  7. GoldenChild

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    I have guages border is now shipping items.. Lmk what else you need lots of oem stuff in stock..

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