Now THIS is Sexy!

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by RussellJ, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. RussellJ

    RussellJ Rick Rollin' Registered

    Hell yeah Frog, I know you want some of this... :rofl:

    I just want to know "Why?". Obviously they do not fit.

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  2. chrisjp

    chrisjp GM of Haya's in the Hills Donating Member

    dare i say "what is wrong with you??"
  3. RussellJ

    RussellJ Rick Rollin' Registered

    :rofl:. Or better yet, what is wrong with "that" in the picture putting those on?

    I stole this from a friend on facebook :laugh:
  4. binx

    binx Registered

  5. chrisjp

    chrisjp GM of Haya's in the Hills Donating Member

    dare i say "it" didn't put those on ...they JUMPED into them!!

    GNBRETT Registered

    front butt.....???
  7. Poppy

    Poppy Donating Member

    Poor thing...she probably thinks she looks good!
  8. Matte_Black

    Matte_Black Registered

    She didn't put them on it was painted on, but she ran out of paint.
    I hear she's a stripper but I can't remember her stage name......... O yeah it "stretch marks"

    Hey Russell do you have pix of her on your busa? This thread is useless without pix!! Rules?:laugh:
  9. fallenarch

    fallenarch I made fun of the panties, now I have them :( Registered

    Maybe she's had them on since she was 12?
  10. BlondeOnaBusa

    BlondeOnaBusa Just call me B.O.B Moderator

    Hangs head in disbelief. It truly saddens me how some of these larger girls/women try to wear things of this nature. I guess there is no shame anymore.
  11. captain

    captain Dis in my way! Staff Member Administrator


    I was thinking she grew into them too... Probably can't get em off ...
  12. NC-BusaMan08

    NC-BusaMan08 Registered

    Really...I mean...Really??? This is definitely agaisnt the law. Can we all say indecent exposure:moon:two times, front end and rear end:rofl:.
  13. SoCal Blur

    SoCal Blur Registered

    And it appears that she's waiting for her order at a fast food restaurant. That certainly can't improve the situation :dunno:
  14. Fastfrog007

    Fastfrog007 Donating Member Registered

    Im only a wee lil Frog Russell, that'd kill me!!!!
  15. fallenarch

    fallenarch I made fun of the panties, now I have them :( Registered

    Wonder how big that tattoo was when she first got it :rofl::rofl:
  16. Stoney McSloth

    Stoney McSloth Registered

    she is ordering extra fries for the grease so she can try to get those off once she gets back to the trailer park.

    and Fastfrog you always see the wee little frogs at the state fair with those girls... she has the whole turkey leg in her mouth and he is holding the corn on the cob....:rofl::rofl:
  17. Blanca BusaLess

    Blanca BusaLess Suffers from PBSD Donating Member

    I hope that's the emergency room and she is there to get them surgically removed?
    Maybe she slipped and fell into them and now they are stuck good? :dunno:

    Russ what category on that porn site were you in, 'fat chicks with way too small pants on'?
  18. Stilslo

    Stilslo Registered me some muffin top
  19. RussellJ

    RussellJ Rick Rollin' Registered

    :banghead: I said, I got it from a friend off my facebook feed! :banghead:

    :rofl: Figured you white busa people would like the larger women... Frog denies it... but he secretly agrees with you
  20. labrocha

    labrocha Registered

    I was just about to have dinner, she looses 200 lbs she will look great in those shorts...

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