No next gen for me!

Discussion in 'General Bike Related Topics' started by StrtRac3r, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. StrtRac3r

    StrtRac3r Registered

    So I was excited about the idea of when a gen 3 would be released to sell my gen I and upgrade. Not anymore.

    Bit of a pain to read, but basically for any bike made on or after jan, 1, 2013. All exhausts must have a factory label to certify that they meet CA noise emission laws. what a joke.

    I live across the street from an AFB and it can be a tad noisy (but I love the jets) so in the big picture what is this gonna solve? Other then pocket change for the state.
  2. StrtRac3r

    StrtRac3r Registered

    And just like guns, ammo, and any car performance part. If the company doesn't want to jump through CA's hoops and pay the fees. We can't buy it. Lol wish I was in a position to move back to the USA.
  3. E Zurcher

    E Zurcher Registered

    This is why I don't live in the land of fruits and nuts! I'll take the wild Southwest thank you!
  4. AV8R_Murf

    AV8R_Murf Registered

    and yet another one of the many reasons why I will NEVER move back to California. I do miss lane sharing and the weather (and In-n-Out Burger) but it simply doesn't out weigh the huge negative aspects to living there. If I lived there today, most of my vehicles would be inoperable museum pieces.
  5. lil charlie

    lil charlie Registered

  6. Trout

    Trout Registered

    I'm no proponent of micro-management laws, but I do grow tired of obnoxious exhaust systems on the street. People can't seem to "police" themselves, so "the man" has to step in. The worst offenders (in my mind) are the guys who put open pipes on their V-Stars and Marauders and think they are so clever that they made their bike sound like a Harley, which they failed miserably at actually doing. It's just plain old noise pollution.

    Can you imagine if every vehicle on the road had Vance & Hines Super Road Sweeper Uber Cool exhaust systems installed? You'd have to wear ear plugs on the daily commute (in the car) and you'd never get to sleep at night.
  7. dadofthree

    dadofthree Seasoned Beef Donating Member

    If you get one early it will have been made prior to that date, just saying. They usually release prior to October.
  8. StrtRac3r

    StrtRac3r Registered

    ^^ that's true. IF 2013 was going to be the gen III we want and need lol.
  9. E Zurcher

    E Zurcher Registered

    It would be GLORIOUS. Every commute would be like being in the middle of an Indy/Nascar/Moto-GP race! ::6
  10. StrtRac3r

    StrtRac3r Registered

    I can agree to an extent. But my bigger worry is the price hike (for example a ca legal cold air for my car $250, a better same equipped GOOD brand for my car not ca legal $150) not to mention if ca charges yosh to "test" first like the car parts it won't be free to yosh. So some companies won't be avail. and some models won't be avail.

    CARB charges a fee to all parts manufacturers to test their equipment and issue a CARB number required to smog. Which is why a part for my car is illegal, while you may be able to get one for yours. Because the company doesn't want to pay ca for a part that won't sell as much. And I imagine that's how this would go as well.
  11. AV8R_Murf

    AV8R_Murf Registered

    CARB is one of the most corrupt, unchecked, over-controlling governmental agencies ever dreamed up. They will not stop until all fuel burning devices are banned. Yes the CARB approved accessories only cost more now, but they will eventually ban all aftermarket parts either by written rule or by driving the manufacturers out due to cost of "testing". :banghead:
  12. red1100cc

    red1100cc Registered

    ::25 how many of you are running a "off road use only" exhaust system?

    ::25 get a Montana plate. they are good for life and no EPA bs. :whistle:
  13. Fernman

    Fernman Registered

    Yoshi has EPA noise Compliant pipes but you have to shell out a bunch of money for one.

    The part I hate most is Manufacturers know that the stock pipes are disgusting and will be removed however they do nothing nor do the pipe companies to help the alleviate the situation.

    BTW its not always a sport bike ear piercing and waking the dead at 3AM, it is me in my Toyota Prius with straight pipes rushing to work:thumbsup:.
  14. StrtRac3r

    StrtRac3r Registered

    I gotta get myself in the position to move that's for sure. But if you came here, you still get a ticket. Counts for any vehicle PARKED, or operated in CA. And first time is $100 any time after $250 no fix it ticket.

    I know I live here, and can leave if I so choose. But it's easier said than done.
  15. Big Bo

    Big Bo Registered

    I could only wish.
  16. m_ridgeway

    m_ridgeway pipeline trash Donating Member

    by buddy got alot of tickets in cali when he moved out there with his oklahoma plates. although you have some wiggle room then they will try to get you for tax evasion of some sort for not registering your vehicles where youre a resident.
  17. kairles

    kairles Donating Member

    This is not really a new law. They basically took the existing Federal law and made it a state law. Also they can't pull you over just because they noticed you have a modified exhaust, its just something they can add if pulled over. I know a couple people that got tickets for modified exhaust on motorcycles. I really dont see this law changing much, but I hear they will be smogging bikes starting next year(going 4 years back). That will throw a wrench in things.
  18. black diamond busa

    black diamond busa Team Jacob Registered

    This is one of the many reasons I love my state. No smog test for me.

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