Need a chain it seems....

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Do-It-Yourself' started by Hayabusawannabe, May 23, 2012.

  1. Hayabusawannabe

    Hayabusawannabe Registered

    How about this one? Bikemaster!

    I don't need anything fancy so none of that "Race" stuff. I just commute and take the occasional trip, I do have momments when I pass on the freeway but a standard chain should suffice. (I think)
  2. dadofthree

    dadofthree Seasoned Beef Donating Member

    IMHO NO sir, 8K tensil factory is 10K from memory. That money you save won't go far replacing a motor when that bikemaster breaks and trashes your casing. Just my opinion, your bike, your money. Not fussing at you, just saying. EK ZZZ 530 from memory.
  3. pashnit

    pashnit Site Sponsor

    I wouldn't put a $70 chain on busa. :( And your Busa is 530, not 520.

    (do you have a busa?)
  4. GoldenChild

    GoldenChild DID HE REALLY SAY THAT? Donating Member

    Nothing less than a zvx2....
  5. red1100cc

    red1100cc Registered

    that chain will not work on your bike!
    you need a 530 highspeed chain not a 520 pos rated chain.

    ::25 just bite on your wallet and pay the $150 something bucks for a good chain. ::51
  6. lankeeyankee

    lankeeyankee Banned

    I dont get it.
    People that buy hi performance motorcycles and want to cut corners on maintenance parts :dunno:
    This would be like driving a Porsche Turbo into Walmart service and asking for some S rated tires and saying "but I dont ever drive over 55 MPH.

    reason #87,871 not to buy a used motorcycle.
  7. BusaWhipped

    BusaWhipped Moderator

    PM Honda East Justin here. He'll get you a good deal on a good chain. Another example of why the Busa isn't a good beginners bike.
  8. Stealth_Busa

    Stealth_Busa Registered

    EK 530 ZZZ 112 Links for the 05, if that is what you have.

    Please say No to Bike Master, A water Pump and all the other damage a Broken Chain will do will be VERY EXPENSIVE!:please:
  9. Hayabusawannabe

    Hayabusawannabe Registered

    OK! OK! Calm down people I get it. :thumbsup:

    Well if this isn't one then I'd like to know what the hell I bought! ??? Got my Adaptiv GPS mount yesterday and it works great!

    I called the local Suzuki dealer and they said it's a 530 and $149 bucks! I thought OUCH! So I grabbed my mouse to shop it and they were even higher! :O There was all this, "Race" this and "Race" that stuff and since I'm not going racing I figured why spend the extra money? Like buying a Corvette and spending a butt load of money putting racing parts on when all your gonna do is drive around town. Why? I just wanted a standard or stock chain that would get the job done. Being a noob I have no idea what I'm looking at which is why I'm coming here for YOUR expert advice! ::6 To be honest I don't even know if replacing the chain will cure the current problem. But since this is probably the original chain and I've learned I haven't been cleaning it properly, I might as well just change it.
  10. Hayabusawannabe

    Hayabusawannabe Registered

    Does it matter if it's X-ring or O-ring?
  11. Stealth_Busa

    Stealth_Busa Registered

    What's the Problem?

    How Many Miles?

    What color is the Chain, (Original would be Gold with a Blue Master Link)

    THat Dealer Price, what type of chain are they quoting?

    We just want you to get the Best Chain for the Dollar, and the EK ZZZ is the Best, Trust Us on this!

  12. Hayabusawannabe

    Hayabusawannabe Registered

    The problem is intermittant klanking sound on the left side between the peg and the axle. I was told this means you have a bad chain and someone else said my chain seems stiff.

    18K Miles

    Gold with a Blue Master Link

    I dunno didn't ask, just heard $149 and said "thanks"

    OK I'll look for it.
  13. Stealth_Busa

    Stealth_Busa Registered

    The Klanking Sound, that is the Sign of Loose Chain. Slack should be .8 - 1.2 measured on the Side Stand.

    Someone saying your Chain Seems Still? NOt sure about that one.

    18K Miles, it's due.

    $149. Might me a an RK, but EK ZZZ is the best and be had for few dollars more.

    Try the Sponsors for a good price, but should be able to get it delivered for less that 200.00. It will be Good Insurance!

    CLean with Kerosen or Diesel, then Lube with Chain Wax.

  14. GoldenChild

    GoldenChild DID HE REALLY SAY THAT? Donating Member

    If the chain setup is really your problem, Buy a EK ZVX2 $140 all the chain you'll ever need.. I ran them on 150 hp bikes and ran them on 300 hp bikes in all types of applications and get great life.. be sure to swap sprockets so they can mesh and wear evenly.. Add roughly $100 for good sprockets.. 17/42 for your size and have fun..
  15. lankeeyankee

    lankeeyankee Banned

    Call this number and ask for Justin, tell him your a member here on the forum.
    877 437 1631

    Here is the link

    The guys here are just trying to help you with the correct decision.
    The top 3 things not to try and go cheap with..
    1) Tires
    2) Brakes
    3) Chain

    You snap a chain guess what? Chances are you wiped out your engine cases and possibly your azz if your in a turn if it gives out. Bite the bullet maintenance isn't cheap on these bikes.

    Ya know the saying, Cant drive a Cadillac on scooter wallet
  16. Stealth_Busa

    Stealth_Busa Registered

    I forgot to mention Sprockets as well with 18K Miles.

    Stock Gearing is 17 / 40 though:laugh:

  17. Hayabusawannabe

    Hayabusawannabe Registered

    It's S-T-I-F-F! I can grab a link and turn it and when I let go it stays in the same position. I dunno but I'm told that's not good.

    I've read others are getting 20K plus, I'd like to know how they are doing it. I admit I botched the cleaning, I cleaned it with kerosene at regular intervals but I didn't let the kerosene dry! Doh! And the Max-Chain lube I used should have been (but not required) applied while the chain was warm. Sometimes I was lazy and just sprayed it on right after wiping with kerosene. So it's my own fault and now I know. :banghead:

    As for adjusting I've read in another post that you push it up and it should be at 3/4" and then push it down and it should be at 1/4". It does not say that in my manual so I just pushed up and left it at 1". I'll try the up & down method this weekend and see if it still does it.
  18. Hayabusawannabe

    Hayabusawannabe Registered

    OK! So had the chain and some JT Steel sprockets put on and it's noisy but working. That chain threw grease everywhere too!

    Today there was a new problem, so I need to know do they remove the shifter thing when they put the sprockets on? While on the freeway mine became loose so I was stuck with only 5th and 6th gear. When I was able to get off the freeway I discovered the bolt that attaches it to the transmission had somehow come out. Fortunately it got widged in between shifter thing and the kickstand safety switch. I don't see how that bolt could have come out on it's own, so I'm wondering if the shop forgot to tighten it. Of course in my haste (and the fact that I had no idea what I was doing) I put it on wrong and I can only get to 5th gear.
  19. Busa Phil

    Busa Phil Registered

    yeah they remove "the shifter thing" to get the sprocket cover off in order to change out the front sprocket. you need to pull the shifter assembly off again and reposition it so that the shifter peg is higher up in order for you to knock it down into the lower gears. if the bolt is out though it may not hold tight enough on the shaft for you to shift it with your foot. if that's the case, i'd try to get it into 2nd gear and ride it home (keeping it below 7000 rpm) and get that bolt replaced from the dealer who serviced it.
  20. Busa1166

    Busa1166 Donating Member

    After you take back an have them fix it take it somewhere else and see if it was done right. You may want to pick the Clymer Manual preferably the book. You don't want techs doing everything for you, after this experience you may realize the less you depend on them the better. Use the search engine here when you want to do something to your bike before you do it :whistle: you may find walk through s or help to get it done. Pick up an alignment tool or make one yourself. Those dashes on the swingarm can pretty far off sometimes at least there were off on mine. If the wheel isn't straight it will shorten the chain life. Some techs just don't care and when you run into one of those you may find yourself in a life death situation on 2 wheels.

    The dealer sent me on the road when I bought my bike with the rear axle bolt loose. When I accelerated the rear wheel cocked sideways.

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