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Discussion in 'General Bike Related Topics' started by Kim, Apr 26, 2003.

  1. Kim

    Kim Registered

    Here's a pic of the 'Busa taken today. The weather has returned to normal!

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  2. canIdream?

    canIdream? Registered

    ooooooohh yeah! [​IMG] those are the colors im getting, NICE!
  3. darby ofool

    darby ofool Registered

    very nice i still think they are one of the best looking bikes
  4. Lazerblade

    Lazerblade Protector of Freedom Donating Member

    Very very nice. I cannot wait to get mine.
  5. WWJD

    WWJD Donating Member

    Georgeous!!!! That's the color I hope to pick up this week.

    I hear it's the fastest color... non-pigmented, lightest weight, plasti-polymer synthetic metallic silvers reflects the absorbtion of molecular heat-expanded solar radiation and features a wind resistance reducing bulbeous dropplet coating that keeps it cool, sleek and faster. Is this true?
  6. MET

    MET The Watcher Moderator

    Very nice...
  7. Gargamel

    Gargamel Registered

    I regret to disappoint you WWJD but your conclusions are incorrect. The reflection of solar radiation and or light photons, which is inherent of light colors such as the one in discussion here, will only make the bike slower. This happens due to the fact that the kinetic and motion energy of the particles is transferred to the bike and thus by action and reaction will tend to oppose the displacement of the bike itself resulting in a slower speed. If instead, the bike is of a dark color such as that of the '02 LE, then the particles would be absorbed thus effectively eliminating the slowdown due to collisions. It is therefore why the black/black busa is the fastest color available.

    (I could not resist)


  8. FinnBusa

    FinnBusa Registered

    You are wrong, I'm afraid. This absorption process makes the black/black busa considerably heavier and thus slows it down! That's one of the main reasons I chose the silver/gray!
  9. ks-waterbug

    ks-waterbug Group Buy Guy Moderator

    Nice pic's......welcome to the only site that matters!
    Sorry guys, but your both wrong! That paint was discontinued by Suzuki and picked up by another major manufactor (Take your pick). Which is why, Suzuki remains KING!
    Got to go ride................................
  10. monsterspeedfreak

    monsterspeedfreak Donating Member

    great looking Busa Kim!!
  11. Big_E

    Big_E Registered

    Looks great Kim... [​IMG]
  12. WWJD

    WWJD Donating Member

    Interesting points one and all.  I was referring to, of course, the EXPANSION caused by heating of the subatomic particles creating the extra space filled with oversized atomic structures [not empty space in the nucleus as some morons believe] thus creating extra weigh and width from the darker color.  For much in the same way as water weight is reduced as it is seperated into steam particles, also the reverse is true when expanding a Black Busa.  That coupled with the heat against cold fairing against wind that creates a 'Thunder like' effect at air-wind speed over 120 maximum velocity not including any prevailing winds from the surrounding environment.  Using a neutral silver/grey elimintates most of all of these unwanted slowing effects.  Suzuki knows better than to use white which creates a static discharge from the reflective surfaces due to rejecting the bombardment of various rays [gamma, x, UV etc] which, although brilliant in tests [similar to the DeLorian hitting 88mph in Back to the Future movie], produces ignition of gas, oils, and certain combinations of plastic and rubber used through out the vehicle, thus putting the test pilot in the hospitle for weeks.  He's doing much better now.
    In clonclusion, Silver = Fastest

    Supporting  hypothisises can be found in the MIT card catalog of R&D called "Combustion experiments of Motorcyle particles at Terminal Velocity or Why we shouldn't make cycles that can exceed 120mph"  3rd floor Library room 11.

    But the pic is great BTW!!  [​IMG]
  13. Juggler

    Juggler Techie Answer Guy Donating Member

    WWJD gets my vote for the Nobel Prize for B.S. Your Ph.D. in Crapology is impressive!
  14. Big O

    Big O Physicist Genii Donating Member

    Gadzooks! I had to put hip waders on after reading this!
    Very nice bike by the way.

    Apparently, you guys have not read earlier posts regarding the scientific results of the extensive testing which have already proven that the Black and Blue is unequivocally the fastest color.
  15. WWJD

    WWJD Donating Member

    What? What? I was totally serious.
    [sigh] ... you humans...
  16. 02Boooosa

    02Boooosa Registered


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  17. S7R4NGER

    S7R4NGER Registered

    This turned out to be the funniest topic I read today :)

    I am going for the Black/Black busa after reading this since it MUST BE the fastest!!! And before reading this, I was going to buy the Black/Black too, because it is the most stylish :)
  18. WWJD

    WWJD Donating Member

    Honestly? I bought a silver cuz it's all they had at that moment. I really didn't give a rip what color it was. I loved it for who it was on the INSIDE!!

    and it loves me too. [​IMG]

    Oddly, Silver IS my favorite look for all things hightech surrounding me... boobbox, car, apartment furnishings etc

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