My Busa with a GSXR 1000 Tail Mod

Discussion in 'Busa Mods' started by cajmex11, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. cajmex11

    cajmex11 Registered

    Almost done will post more pics when I get her complete and cleaned up.

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  2. RussellJ

    RussellJ Rick Rollin' Registered

    Looks awesome dude!

    What did you do with the Gen2 tail?
  3. cajmex11

    cajmex11 Registered

    Gonna put the 08 busa tail on ebay
  4. pashnit

    pashnit Site Sponsor

  5. BusaBret

    BusaBret Almost...... Donating Member

    Nice! :thumbsup:

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  6. Big E

    Big E Donating Member

    Looking sharp!
  7. cajmex11

    cajmex11 Registered

    A few more pics from my phone I found. Will do better this weekend.

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    GNBRETT Registered

    id have to admit that does look great. would not beable to fit what I need to fit under mine with that but nonetheless it looks sweet
  9. Big E

    Big E Donating Member

    Would you happen to have a shot topside with the rear seat cowl removed?
  10. cajmex11

    cajmex11 Registered

    Much lighter and the ride is slightly different. Just need to remove the stretch. Maneuvered easier but the stretch still limits you in the corners.
  11. cajmex11

    cajmex11 Registered

    I will take a few more pics this weekend of the tail internals
  12. Tyron

    Tyron Registered

    Looks great mate!!! :cheerleader:

    Lowering could just about finish it off! ???
  13. RussellJ

    RussellJ Rick Rollin' Registered

    How much would you want for the old gen2 tail?
  14. Hayabusa4life

    Hayabusa4life I said Good Day! Registered

    Looks good :thumbsup:
  15. nabusa

    nabusa Registered

    This is the first time I can actually say it doesn't look bad because I hate this mod. But the 08' orange makes that conversion look good.
  16. cajmex11

    cajmex11 Registered

    thanks for the comments. Rode it to work today wow what a difference maneuvered thru traffic like a dream. Need to watch myself its rolling nicely thru the maze
  17. cajmex11

    cajmex11 Registered

    Going to remove the stretch and see how she rides in a couple of weeks will let you guys know how she does. I'm an old man this is like my toy I always dreamed of having LMAO
  18. Big E

    Big E Donating Member

    Thanks for the info. ::4
  19. moloko

    moloko Banned

    I like it.

    Don't expect many around here to feel the same way.
  20. Rainbow7

    Rainbow7 Registered

    I like it. It's not a mod I would do to my own bike but I still think it looks great.

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