Modding the New Pashnit Busa

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    Modding the NEW Pashnit Busa

    Our story begins with a bone stock Gen-II Hayabusa, just a set of Yosh R77 stainless steel slip-ons so far. We won't be touching the motor for now. The plan is to build a Pashnit theme bike using parts from the storefront. So far, we've made a list of 52 things we'd like to do.

    This bike will be used to lead Pashnit Tours, I'll put about 10,000 miles of travel & spend a whole month aboard the bike this year. The bike has 974 miles on it and I purchased it for $8000. :thumbsup: Still has the nubbins on the tires & the wax on the chain.

    Also worth noting the first big 1000 mile ride is just 19 days away. So gotta get some of these things done.


    Our mod list looks like this so far:

    3BR Powersports USB Power port
    3BR Powersports mini-usb port
    - Done!AdaptiSorb Mount + Smartphone Cradle - Droid phone + power - ordered
    Adaptiv Radar Detector
    Axle Caps F/R - Chrome
    BackOFF XP Brakelight modulator
    Bagster Tank Cover + tankbag
    Brake Lines - Galfer, blue
    Brake Pads - Galfer
    Brake Pedal - Folding - Done!
    Brake Rotors - PFR Series- DONE!
    Clearwater Lights Install - Done!
    Cycle Pump Air Compressor add power port - Done!
    Fairing screens - have!
    Fender GSXR1000
    Footpegs - swap to Oberon - Done!
    Frame Plugs - Chrome
    Frankenstein Bolt Kit - Done!
    Gas cap assembly - Vortex - Done!
    Geza Bike Cover - stow inside hump - Done!
    Handlegrips - Harris Hayabusa grips
    Headlight - add CCFL HALO & HID projector beam - ordered
    Headlight Modulator
    Heated Grips
    Hump Mod - Done!
    Illumiglo gauge face - blue
    K&N Oil Filter swap
    Levers - add FP Tactical - Done!
    mirror swap - GSXR - Done!
    Mirrors, blind spot - Done!
    OHLINS Rear Shock with remote Preload adjuster
    Powerlet PPC-015-DB mini-usb plug
    Powerlet WIRELESS Temperature Controller for Heated liner + Wireless Troller install - Done
    Powerlet rapidFIRe Heated Liner (this is new!) - works awesome!!!
    Powerlet PPC-027-DB micro-usb plug
    Powerlet SAE power outlet (Cycle Pump/Battery Tender) - Done!
    Powerlet Heated Vest Troller plug - Done!ProBolt Blue Bolt Kit
    RAM Mounts - grab rail mounts
    RAM Mounts - mirror mounts - Done!
    RAM Mounts - bar end
    RAM Mounts - handlebar
    RAM Mounts - exhaust mounts - Done!
    Rearsets - Vortex
    remove reflectors - Done!
    remove stickers
    Rim swap - stock silver or chrome
    Rim Letters - Pashnit Tours - Done!
    Scottoiler eSystem
    Seat Cover: color matched, Second Look, LuiMoto, Ball Z, Zero Gravity?
    Shift Lever - Folding - Done!
    SportBikeMount camera mount - Done!
    SuperSprox rear sprocket
    Switchbacks turn signals
    Taillight LED, Clear - ordered
    TechSpec Tank Grips + center grip - ordered
    RKA Tankbag - ordered!
    RKA Saddlebags - Done!
    Throttlemeister - Done!Tire Pressure Monitor System - Done!
    Tire Repair Kit - Done!
    T-Rex Sliders
    Trunk Mod
    Undertail/fender removal, license bracket
    Windscreen swap: Zero Gravity Double Bubble Done!
    Woodcraft stator cover
    Yosh cans: swap stainless for carbon fiber cans
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  3. Chemmy

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    I envy those with the ability to hook up all the electronics and wiring themselves.
    Are you going to be putting all these modds onto your bike and if so how possible would it be for me to call you or someone to help me walk through these processes for when I get home. You are adding a few things that i want to plus a handful more(thanks for adding to my list lol) I look forward to reading on how your build is going.

    When I get home I am planning a 2 week trip with the wife, should be about 3000 miles. Would like it to be more comfortable plus the ability to talk with her on those long stints lol.
  4. pashnit

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    Jeff, be more specific: We now carry two different brands of wires.

    Powerlet has been around a long time, has over 600 part numbers of wires, and we ship this stuff every day. The iPhone wire last season was hugely popular and we'd order them in by the box. There are so many options with Powerlet on how you wire your gadgets, our best advice is to look through the photos (each wire is photographed and categorized) and set it up how you need it.

    Buy Now: 3G iPhone iPod Power Wire Adapters for Motorcycles | Pashnit Moto



    This year, we have the new 3BR Powersports line of USB plugs & power wires which is an exciting fresh take on powering your gadgets.

    3BR Powersports | Wire & Power your Motorcycle with USB Power Outlet | PashnitMoto


    Not quite sure how I'll wire the bike just yet.
    Needs are:
    1) Install a SAE power wire in the trunk. SAE is most universal of plugs, your battery tender uses SAE and the Cycle Pump Air Compressor will plug into an SAE connector.
    2) Adaptiv Radar Detector runs direct off battery.
    3) Need to be able to charge the Droid phone, plus GoPro HD so will need a Micro-USB (droid phone) & Mini-USB (GoPro HD) at least, either in the tail, or going into the tankbag.
    4) Installing a FuzeBlock is a great idea.


    Here's Steve (GSXbots) installing a 3BR Powersports USB power port on his 08 Busa.


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  5. Rainbow7

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  6. dadofthree

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    I might have missed it, but what are you doing with your Gen I ?
  7. pashnit

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    It will be prepped for sale, but a lot of the bolt on mods will be transferred over to the new bike: Clearwater Lights, Woodcraft Stator Cover, Oberon footpegs, speedohealer, headlight modulator, frame caps, RAM mounts, RKA luggage, Throttlemeisters, FP Tactical levers, frankenstein bolts, Powerlet power wires, Adaptiv TPX radar, even my cool anodized blue oil cap. So a bit more to stock. Plus I've got about $1000 in spare parts lying around. Off-load those to generate some funds to pay for these mods. ;)
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  8. rockethead

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    i thought maybe you would sell it as "the Pashnit Busa". but it's cool you are able to swap parts on your new one like that.
  9. coreywiley

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    I have to get a fuseblock
  10. _WOLFMAN_

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    The Fuzebox is a great idea and addition
  11. macon454

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    Cant wait to see it all done Tim
  12. Chemmy

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    Well as far as what I want I would need the adapter for the Droid, GPS, Ipod. Not sure how a comms system sets up. (I have never felt more newbish in all my life) Been riding for years on an unmodded bike and now I get into it lol.
    So would I be correct in assuming I need the fuzebox to basically run all this stuff. I heard that someone put in a spare battery to run all the electrical equipment he had on his. Is it possible to have all these systems running at the same time, or at least usable at the same time.

    Not sure if I am thread jacking here. Sorry if I am we can take this into the PM system. I just thought I would swallow a little humble pie and thought maybe there were others thinking the same and didnt want to ask. I just dont want to screw up the bike.
  13. pashnit

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    Jeff, think of the FuzeBox as an item to simplify your life & protect your bikes electrics. Anytime you start adding all sorts of electronic gizmos to your bike, you ought to consider a fuzeblock of some kind. You could easily run fused wires off your battery poles and just stack them up, but again, a Fuzeblock has a single wire coming off the battery. Much simpler.

    FuzeBlocks Fuse Block FZ-1 for Motorcycles | Wire & Power your Motorcycle! | PashnitMoto


    Best advice when it comes to wiring is hop on the 3BR site & the Powerlet site and figure out which wires you'll need and how you want to power your list.

    3BR Powersports | Wire & Power your Motorcycle with USB Power Outlet | PashnitMoto

    Buy Now: Powerlet Products Cables Heated Gear Wires Connecters GPS Radar Mounts | Pashnit Moto


    Btw, you asked about how much juice can you pull off the bike, a really good read about your bikes electrics is here:

    Tips & Tricks to Wiring your Motorcycle: FuzeBlocks | Fuse Blocks for Bikes | PashnitMoto

    How to Wire your Motorcycle: FuzeBlocks | Fuse Blocks for Bikes | PashnitMoto


    And threadjack anytime. :)
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    1st mod is to add Frame Plugs to the bike. These fill the unsightly holes in the Busa frame. Once you actually look at the holes, you say now we gotta fix that!

    Frame plug range from really cheapy rubber plugs to nice chrome ones like this. These have a threaded rod that goes through the frame & you hand tighten them. If you'd like a complete Dress Up Kit with Frame Plugs & Axle Plugs, click here and we'll send out a set. The kits we offer even include the rear axle block.

    Buy Now: Hayabusa Dress UP Kit, Frame Plugs | Pashnit Moto





    All done! Now we just have to find some chrome Axle Caps to plug those and complete the set. :thumbsup:
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    Another easy mod is to get rid of the Frankenstein bolts. Functional yes. Attractive no. Not sure where you'd get these, picked up my set years ago during a group buy here on the org. They also have little caps you can insert into the alan hole, and further clean up the look.



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    Another neat appearance mod is toss that oil cap. These are drilled so they can be safety wired, but the blue looks great!

    Picked this up during another group buy on Extreme Busa.


  17. pashnit

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    I'm not a big fan of the stock footpegs. Once you really start to lean over the busa, no interest in dragging the feelers. Only thing I was to be dragging are knees

    Other thing about racing style footpegs is in the twisties, you position the ball of your foot on the tip and you steer by putting pressure on the left or right peg. This video screenshot captures that foot position. Ball of the foot is place right on the tip of the peg.


    Now to get rid of these clunky looking things.



    These are Oberon pegs from the UK. Unfortunately they are not sold in the USA & Oberon has no US-distributor either (we tried). They run $60 per set & 10 or so to ship them from England. Gen-I & Gen-II use the same footpegs, passenger pegs are different. If $75 tyd for a set of pegs is bit rich for you, pick up a set of slash cut style pegs in the Pro-Teks instead.

    Buy Now: Suzuki Hayabusa Footpegs: Pro-Tek, Competition Werkes Werks | Pashnit Moto


  18. pashnit

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    Here's the other problem.


    So if you do the math, the stock footpegs weigh 23 oz, or about 1-1/2 lbs. ???

    Slash cut style footpegs like Oberon or Pro-Teks just under 5 oz. What a difference. :thumbsup:

  19. Hayabusa4life

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    Look that its going to turn really nice :thumbsup:
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