Modding the new Kawasaki Z1000... My StreetFighter Story

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    Modding the NEW Pashnit Z1000

    Our story begins with a 2010 Kawasaki Z1000.... Welcome to our build project! Come along!

    Meet our new addition to the Pashnit Family! The Kawi Z1000 bleeds aberrant hooliganism - riding it is pure sex! Giggles! Power, handling, light! Yet this bike has a meaty thick look (much like the Hayabusa) that's all motor. AND... this bike will be used to lead Guided Motorcycle Tours all over California, Oregon & Nevada. I have a rather unusual job traveling professionally 12,000+ miles a year. During the course of a riding season, I'll spend well-over a month aboard my two motorcycles.

    So our Bike Build objective is two-fold, bolt on all sorts of tasty bits, and show you how to make any bike a sport-touring capable machine.

    The plan is to build a Pashnit Theme Bike using parts from the storefront. <---Click!! Thus far, we've worked up an inventory of everything the former owner did to the bike so far & it's an impressive list. See below...!

    And... we're compiling a new list.

    Picking her up!

    First Test Ride
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    Home with the family - I call it the Absolute Polar Opposite of the Hayabusa. Best or both worlds really.

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    Been thinking about a naked standard for years actually... this aforementioned job I have allows me to ride many different bikes & get a taste for different ride styles, feel, power, you name it!

    Recently, my buddy Mark showed up for a Pashnit Tour with this. Well, that didn't help.


    One of my favorite all time bikes was the first gen Aprilia Tuono. Love this bike. My bud Jeff had one & loved riding his.


    Jeff & I had the best of times riding the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Northern California Trinity Alps. Jeff went off and married a real life ballerina, had a kid & that was the last of the Aprilia Tuono on our Pashnit Tours. Or so we thought...


    Years later, Norm shows up on a Pashnit Tour with this one. Well smack! Same exact bike.

    Chomped on the bit all weekend until I could finally get a chance to ride his Tuono over Monitor Pass. Pure magic.


    And don't forget the Street Fighter. I followed Fran on Hwy 36 with the Hayabusa & couldn't keep up with him.

    Then we switched bikes. Okay, now I get it. Amazing one-finger Brembo brakes!


    Rode the Rockster, fun lil hotrod & all Boxer! But BMW didn't do too well with this & you rarely see these.

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    I also had a BMW K1200R for awhile - loved it.

    Great feel, sport-touring AND knee-dragging machine, low-center 55 degree tilt motor, Wide bars, ESA, tele-lever front end, 163 HP, smooth shaft drive...



    It made for a great camera platform too!



    And then a BMW K1200R popped up on Craigs List nearby. Tempting! But no.

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    Narrowing down my options, this was very high on the list- top three!

    I even wrote an article about the Speed Triple nearly 15 years ago when the first bug-eye versions came out.


    The other Triumph option is the Tiger which I'd also ridden for awhile.

    It's tall, great handling, long travel suspension + excellent wind protection of a standard. And 1200 cc. But no.

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    And of course the most unusual option of all would have been the Buell Ulysses.


    I was handed a Ulysses to road test when they first came out. Road test, huh? ZERO miles on the clock. I'll have it back Monday. Just take it around the block. Promise.

    Rode 1600 miles on it in 4 days & loved the bike. But not the motor. Read Full Article here...


    Explaining my intent to find the Absolute Polar Opposite of the Hayabusa - my buddy Andrew suggested the Z1000.

    I had never even seen one, had to Google Image it to see what it looked like... Thick. Muscular. Angular. Predator drone style, refined Street Fighter.

    A trip over to Good Times Kawasaki & they had last years model on the floor for just $8500. Brand new. What a deal. After riding all those miles on so many different types of standards, my search would take me to the one bike I'd never ridden, or even seen in person.


    Time to head over to CraigsList. Well, I'll be, what do we have here.

    14117648404_4e1e4095e8_o.jpg 14114011791_2467a7ceca_o.jpg

    So after a decade-plus of sport-touring on my two Suzuki Hayabusa's, why a standard??

    Quite simply, riding the Z1000 feels like this.

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    Clean Slate - a blank canvas !!

    It's an unusual bike - at least to me. As mentioned, I'd never even seen one in person - at least that I can recall. We've never had one ride with us in 10+ years of Pashnit Motorcycle Tours - and I thought we had pretty much ridden with everything under the sun. So that alone gives illustration to its rarity & exclusivity.

    A long-distance Iron Butt touring machine? Not really, but then again we always say you can tour on anything. The former (& only) owner used it for daily commuting into San Francisco every day for years.

    So we'll build upon what he's already done & show you what you can do to your own motorcycle...

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    On with the story...
    Modding the NEW Pashnit Z1000

    The list of mods already done to the bike is impressive! I added in retail prices of the nibbly bits in case you've got a Z1000 or Ninja 1000 also & want to follow suit.

    Previous owner did these:
    • 110 Axle Protectors, Front, Rizoma
    • 25 Bar End Mirror- CRG
    • 50 Bar Ends - Rizoma
    • 50 Bolt Kit - ProBolt
    • 94 Brake Lines - Stainless Steel - Front
    • 53 Brake Lines - Stainless Steel - Rear
    • 10 Cable Adjuster - Gold
    • 170 Carbon Fiber - Side Panels
    • 70 Carbon Fiber - Injection Cover
    • 122 Engine / Fairing Guards - Rizoma Shape
    • 275 Engine Guard Set - Rizoma
    • 476 Exhaust - M4 Megaphone
    • 169 Levers - Pazzo Set
    • 19 License bracket - Targa
    • 96 Remote Reservoir - Rizoma
    • 200 Seat - Solo Cover - White
    • 45 Swingarm Sliders - Rizoma
    • 85 Taillight - Integrated
    • 25 Tank Protector
    • 20 Valve Stems - Grenade
    Total: $2174. Nice.

    Our first Mod List:

    Luggage - Kriega Tailpack 20/10L Combo
    Racer Tape
    Pazzo Gold Blades Swap
    Headlight Modulator - SDC or Kisan
    Brake Light Modulator - SDC Back Off XP
    Heated Gloves - Warm-n-Safe
    Wiring - Coax outlet - PKT-064
    Wiring - SAE outlet - PKT-001-24
    RAM ball mount
    Luggage - rear bracket

    Ready to start working through our Mod List?

    We'll start with something simple like a Brake Light Modulator... Stay tuned, More Later!!


    Hold on to your hats campers, this is going to be a fun ride!:thumbsup:
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    Will be following this one :thumbsup: I've always liked this bike and actually went to a demo ride just to test it out and liked except for How the handlebars felt. It felt like the bars formed a "V" (if that makes any sense).

    I can't wait to see where this will go!
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    What a great start to a great project for what looks to be a great bike! And, if I had to guess, I'd say there will be great pics of the build and any "test runs. :) Go Pashnit!

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    Brake Light Modulator Install

    A brake light modulator is one of the simplest mods we can start with. Easy to install, and low cost, these are modulators that are designed to get other motorists attention by flashing your brake light rapidly (then go solid).

    If you do a lot of city commuting- anything you can do to improve your visibility: Years ago, my commute was 25 miles each way up and down the busiest 4-land boulevard in the city - from one stoplight to the next. Didn't own a car back then, so it was bike-only in year-round rain or shine commuting.

    You've heard the story of a fellow rider getting rear-ended at a stoplight, would one of these helped? Maybe. And if you ride in groups a lot, you'll want to make sure they know you are stopping or braking.

    Signal Dynamics offers up several versions of their brake light modules. Since we've got an Integrated LED Taillight, we'll use the BackOFF XP version ('Integrated' btw if you are new to riding means our brake light is also our turn signals) since it will work with LED's. The standard BackOFF works fine with traditional bulbs.

    Note if your bike has CanBUS, can't use one of these. Kit is pretty simple: comes with instructions, wire diagram & some double sided tape.


    Helps to have the right tools - I prefer to solder & shrink wrap everything.


    But if you don't want to solder, use a Posi-tap type connector.

    Posi-taps are kind of hard to find. My hardware store had nothing like this. So google'd it and ordered kit on-line of various sized posi-tap connectors.

    kit for in line

    T-connects on the left for tapping into hot wire without cutting it
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    There are two flash modes, so I'll use Mode 1, it blinks several times, then goes solid. The other flash mode is a repeating pattern as long as you hold the brake down, blinks then solid, then it repeats. I'll take those two wires I don't use for Mode 2, shrink wrap them & set aside.

    Install Instructions for BackOFF Module

    Locate the hot wire going into your brake lamp & cut that. Note you should be cutting the brake light, not the running lamp.

    Plumb the brake light wire into the Module, then connect exiting wire out of the module to the brake lamp. Attach ground wire to frame & done! The module is pretty small -so it attached with included double sided tape to our bike pretty easy.


    Use double-sided included tape & attach it whereever it fits. On the Z1000, fits perfectly in the tool tray.


    If you have TWO bulbs in the rear of your bike - say like a FJR - you can also use the Wig Wag module. I have this one in the Hayabusa. The taillamp bulbs are side by side, so by installing the Wig-Wag module, they will blink rapidly back and forth, then go solid.

    On the Hayabusa:

    Signal Dynamics also makes variations of these modules - ones to turn the turn signals into running lights. And it will turn your turn signals into brake lights.

    Can purchase the Signal Dynamics Module of your choice here:

    Worth noting there are other modules you can buy like HyperLites. I also have the HyperLites on the Hayabusa for many years now. Hit the brakes, and they flash rapidly as long as you're on the brakes. If you log onto the Hyper-Lite sites, they've got all sorts of sizes and variations to their LED brake light modules.


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    So...ya get a Matchbox style car with the posi-taps? o_O :)
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    New bike means adding the needed wiring to run all our gadgets & accessories.

    First thing I'll do is add an SAE 2-pin outlet. SAE is becoming increasingly common, we call it the universal plug. From here you can attach whatever adapter you need: Cigarette, Powerlet / BMW-style, Coax, etc. A lot of new bikes come with an SAE accessory outlet already installed.

    Other issue of concern is the stator on the Z1000 & new Ninja 1000 is only rated at 336 watts, so will have to be mindful of how much power is being siphoned off the bike.

    This was a big issue on the 08 Hayabusa and I eventually sprung for the Hot Shot Stator & Regulator mod from Ricks Motorsport Electric which wasn't cheap (about $300), but well-worth the peace of mind.

    Here's what happens when you try to pull too much power off your Suzuki Hayabusa stator:


    So I had to wire up a new Hot Shot Stator from them onto the Hayabusa which worked great & was well worth the money. Should have installed this years ago.





    Ricks Motorsport Electric does not make a beefed up stator for the Z1000 / Ninja 1000, but they do offer an upgraded Regulator/Rectifier. Maybe more homework on that later. Not sure if I need this or not?

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    Fuzeblock Install

    If you've got a lot of stuff to add - might consider adding the FuzeBlock.

    On my Hayabusa Bike Build Project, I built my own wire-harness, and worked off the FuzeBlock to power all the various accessories & isolate them from the bike in case we blow some fuses.


    --> FuzeBlock info & Buy Now

    --> How to Wire your Bike - Tips & Tricks

    Installed on the Hayabusa:

    Lights everywhere! :) :)




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    This is a great thread!
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    Yes, it is....Real Good!!! :thumbsup:
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    Jumper Cables

    Yes, hardwired Jumper Cables on the bike.


    I know what you're thinking - that's crazy. But keep it in context.

    Running tours, you never know what's going to happen next with the riders. We've had our share of dead batteries on rides over the last 10+ years. And we've carried motorcycle jumper cables with us for years.

    Several vendors sell them like AeroStitch & Stop-n-Go, & they come coiled up in a little carry case but it was finally time to just install them on the bike.

    Powerlet is the only one that offers a hardwired set that I'm aware of.

    Plus handy to have on a ATV, UTE, or farm vehicle. And if you ride regularly with a club, or group of riders, something might work for you.


    Heavy 8 gauge copper wire and it coils up small enough to fit in the tiny trunk of the Z1000.

    Need a set for your Bike, ATV, UTV or farm vehicle, can BUY NOW HERE

    Buy Now: Motorcycle Power Cord Adapters Powerlet BMW SAE Plugs | Pashnit Moto Products

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    And yes, I had them on the Hayabusa also. ;)

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    Pazzo Lever Swap

    Here's what to do if you buy a used bike that already has name-brand levers like Pazzo, CRG or FP Racing. What if you don't like the colors, length, etc?

    The solution is we'll work on swapping out the colors/length- which is cheaper than a brand new set. Our used bike came with long-black Pazzo Levers. But... Don't like the black, or the longs. Short Levers on a StreetFighter look awesome!

    So I didn't take many pics of the swap. All video. But the black, well... just nah. Black blends.


    Colors of your levers are very much a personal preference, but on this bike we need to go BOLD!




    So all we have to do is order a new set of blades (the part in the top left of pic) only- much cheaper! We'll re-use the gold adjuster and the Kawasaki perches - which is the part that attaches to your bike. The blades are universal. So nice thing about a well-known brand like Pazzo or FP Racing is you can easily get parts if you want to swap colors or break something.

    In order to swap out the parts, just take the lever slowly apart on a clean surface. I swapped out the blades, plus swapped out the adjuster tabs. Basically disassembled them completely and put back together. Each lever set is slightly different- these have springs inside & don't want to lose those. Or sprang them across the garage never to be seen again.

    There are also two tiny (very!) ball bearing on the blade you have to be careful of also.


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