Marchesini alum rim's

Discussion in 'Busa Mods' started by V8N3T, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. V8N3T

    V8N3T More mods plz.. Donating Member

    Hey every one, I was looking at the Marchesini rim's and I think I found a deal. I was told by GPW these rim's are the must have [​IMG] .

    So I did some looking around, and came across this site with this price.

    Is this a good price for these rims? Need some feedback. Thanks.
  2. GPW

    GPW Donating Member

    I said lightweight wheels in General and Marchesini's are a nice set of wheels. I would buy them again. I am not sure on that being the best price around. I am sure one of the site vendors could do a better deal on a group buy. Keep in mind you will need sprockets made for the Marchesini wheels. If your working on faster acceleration and handling, wheels, rotors and sprockets is a safe place to start. Just reminded me how much I lost selling my wheels.. [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  3. StreetnTrack

    StreetnTrack Donating Member

    $1800 shipped.
  4. V8N3T

    V8N3T More mods plz.. Donating Member

    ahh thanks GPW. Didn't mean to Miss quote you.

    StreetnTrack, where are those shipped from? And from who? Are they black? If so, and also do you have rotor's, sprockets, anything else that GPW(god) mentioned? Thanks [​IMG]
  5. GPW

    GPW Donating Member

    Ok, no more GPW god stuff please. Just a regular guy like you, who likes sport-bikes to the extreme. :Note to self, don't give advice to strangers may lead to stalker like behavior.  [​IMG]

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  6. black954

    black954 Registered

    I got mine for $1650 from Kyleracing, who matched Indysuperbikes FYI.
  7. notman

    notman Never Forgotten

    how much of a weight savings?
  8. GPW

    GPW Donating Member

    Here is a weight chart for those that want to know the weight answer.
    Front Rear
    BST 5.5 10.38
    Marchesini forged magnesium 6.54 11.12
    Marvic Penta cast magnesium 7.46 12.16
    Marchesini forged aluminum 8.82 13.80
    PVM forged aluminum Y5 7.96 13.44
    Perf Machine forged aluminum 9.14 13.16
    Dymag Custom Carbon 7.3 12.38
    Stock Wheels: 10.28 16.80
  9. V8N3T

    V8N3T More mods plz.. Donating Member

    even tho these are really good deals......i must save for turbo >.< I've made up my mind. Going turbo, then i'll work on visual's.
  10. black954

    black954 Registered

    They aren't just visuals. The wheels are the single handed best mod i've done to my bike.
  11. GPW

    GPW Donating Member

  12. MN72Busa

    MN72Busa Formerly known as "Zuki" Donating Member

    Best Bang for the buck is wheels..Period! Either Charles or Daniel can get some great deals, but most importantly is the customer service you get from either guy. Sure, you can save a few dollars and get from another off site vendor, but I rather spend a few dollars more and have service 24/7. Both Charles and Daniel are on this forum everyday..and at odd hours I might add. Need a new cush drive....and its friday night....IndySuperbikes will maybe get it shipped out Monday afternoon, or Tuesday morning...that is if you can get ahold of them Friday evening(yah right)...most likely Monday morning. Charles and Daniel could answer your request Friday evening, if they stock the part, could overnight it to you...and you have your part Monday morning....sorta cool to have vendors here that assist us members all hours of the day, everyday.

    Anyhow...enough rambling about Daniel, and Charles. Wheels add so much performance to your bike, its amazing. I can only say wheels are thought of as a cosmectic mod if you have never tried after-market light weight wheels. If you have tried them, than looks comes in distant second to performance. Turbo is doubt, but a set of wheels does so much for your bike in so many areas, that if there was a list of 10 Golden Busa rules, new wheels would come before Turbo in my opinion. [​IMG]

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  13. runeight

    runeight why ask why Donating Member


    Brake upgrade first..wheels second. From there it is the owners choice.

  14. CAT3

    CAT3 Donating Member

    Never really gave new wheels much thought, gyro effect aside, the $ seemed better spent somewhere else.... But since Hogger had to put it out like, well new wheels are going on my list of mods to get! Shoots, I thought I would have to stick to my old pace myself out list, but not anymore [​IMG] Seriously though, the brakes need to be swapped out, and I will be doing my research for the wheels.
  15. runeight

    runeight why ask why Donating Member

    When you decide which way you want to go stick with it. What I mean is if you like this set but aother is a little cheaper don't settle for second best.

    If you have to save a little more and wait a couple of months by all means do so.

    Down the road you will be much happier. Here is a good article for reading.


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  16. heavybusa

    heavybusa Just another guy Donating Member

    Between Hogger, GPW, and Valium you are in good hands.

    Off to help other threads!! [​IMG]
  17. GPW

    GPW Donating Member

    If you lighten the wheels you won't need better brakes...but upgrading them is a good thing....great mod. Ride a Busa with them and that should be all you need to know.

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  18. V8N3T

    V8N3T More mods plz.. Donating Member

    its so frustrating. I'm looking at doing a ton of things to my bike, and the fund's arent there. I am having to save, and save, and save. I want to turbo, and want to do the wheels also. I just cant figure out a sequence of importants of mods over the others. I understand lowering the weight on the wheels will give you more acceleration because of the weight reduction. And the rotor's being lighter, is more weight reduction. But I dont want to blow $700.00+ just on rotor's and brake pads. That $700.00 could be saved up for the rim's, or TURBO! [​IMG]
  19. ksana

    ksana Registered


    I wish I did this mod 1st
    Got my Marchesini Forged Magnesiums in Friday
    Saving about 17# vs. stock

    No question
    go with lightweight wheels!!

    Also Marchesinis are used in racing WSB, Motogp
    well more than any other brand

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