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Discussion in 'Dyno Kings' started by Black Prince, Feb 11, 2012.

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    Whats good forum, I have a 06 Busa and have done several mods to it. My question is has any body used this map and I wanted to know how well did it work ( 312-019 HMF 4:2:1:2 full hi-mount exhaust, Stock or aftermarket air filter, Small air box modification). I am overseas and they don't have a place that does dyno or flashing. I really don't trust the shops over here so I am basically a backyard tuner, so any positive feed back is appreciated. My bike runs good but you know if you can squeeze anymore horsepower out of it then lets go. Enjoy riding I will tomorrow.

    Black Prince

    Velocity Stacks
    HMF Full Exhaust Hi-mount
    Stock Air Filter
    Tre (Removed it runs better without it)
    Small Air Box Mod (Thanks you all for the info on the org!)
    Power Commander PC3
    6in Stretch and Lowered
    Purple Leds
    Ball-Z-Motorsports Seats
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    im in the same boat i have a muzzy full exhaust and can only find one map. What v stacks are you using i am thinking about getting some. did you see a big difference.

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