Long Beach International Motorcycle Show

Discussion in 'So-Cal Gatherings' started by klatu848, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. klatu848

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  2. dadofthree

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    Can't make this one, but if you go how about taking a pic or two and posting up. :thumbsup:
  3. schnick

    schnick Registered

    I got a stack of discount coupons if you want some.
  4. Cookie

    Cookie Banned

    Would you actually leave your bike parked out front and leave it out of your sight in LB? ???
  5. aussiekeeper

    aussiekeeper Registered

    I always go on Friday, less people.
  6. head east busa

    head east busa Donating Member

    if it was a Schwinn maybe ....:rofl:
  7. Cookie

    Cookie Banned

    Right,, you have to wonder what his discount is? :laugh:
  8. klatu848

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  9. Scar

    Scar Seasoned Pilot Donating Member

    Cookie: Absolutely! There's a huge, cordoned, monitored (live security guards), free parking lot for motorcycles.

    Here's the 'scene' from last year... YouTube - IMS Long Beach 2008 Bike Parking

    Ken: In years past, we've gathered at the Suzuki booth (at the 'busa display) for a photo op, quasi-M/G, and then migrate collectively across the street to CPK for lunch ("California Pizza Kitchen" for the newbs).

    It's typically a blast. Since I'm 70/30 (Phoenix/San Diego) at this juncture (and since I've been (loosely) the coordinator of this effort in years gone by), would you like to take the lead on this and set it up? Not much to it, but it's a good will effort and will give you some kind of idea how many people to anticipate and/or look for at the LBCC.

    As far as the discount coupons go, schnick, that's a great offer. Why not describe publicly what they're about. If people want to do this, which is very generous of you, and you can set up a way to get the coupons to those interested, then kudos to you, bro. A friend of mine in San Diego got a stack of them, as well. I plan to take advantage of the offer if it is better than the discount for purchasing and paying on-line at the IMS website.

    We always have a great time, and I look forward to seeing everyone there. ::4
  10. schnick

    schnick Registered

    The discount is in addition to purchasing online.
    PM me if you want em.
  11. klatu848

    klatu848 BANNED BY MC MUSTANG Registered

    Sure! :thumbsup: Who is up for going to the show so far? I look forward to meeting all!::4
  12. schnick

    schnick Registered

    With the discount card you can save $6
  13. BUBBA

    BUBBA Foghoon Leghoon Donating Member

    Hey Ken,
    If you stop at the house we can ride two up to the show!:rofl::rofl:

    Sorry, couldn't help myself.

    If all goes well I am in.
    Should have some news soon.
  14. Cookie

    Cookie Banned

    Way to step up fresh out of the gate, Schnick!

    Thanks Scar, for the great PR follow up PM!

    It's great to see such coveted community protection for all! [​IMG]
  15. Scar

    Scar Seasoned Pilot Donating Member

    Sweet! You should get a flood of requests. That's a significant savings off the door price.

    Also, everyone please be aware:

    They don't take credit cards at the door. You will HAVE to pay cash to get in unless you purchase your tickets online in advance.
  16. I8AZX14

    I8AZX14 Registered

    you know to count me in already. I'm coming and I'm bringing about 20 of my closest riding friends with me.it's going to be a real hoot n annie!
  17. Scar

    Scar Seasoned Pilot Donating Member

    There'll be a heavy contingent from San Diego...:whistle:
  18. Jdog109socal

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  19. aussiekeeper

    aussiekeeper Registered

    I may change my mind and go on Saturday. Good riding,Good friends,Good parking,Good food, Good show...........What's not to like?

    Someone post-up the details.
  20. Scar

    Scar Seasoned Pilot Donating Member


    What details are you looking for? Show details? Coupon details? M&G details? Detail details? :rofl:
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