listen to this motor!

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by RACER_X, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. RACER_X

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  2. jphilipson

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    6.3L AMG engine .. sweet!
  3. BIG GUY

    BIG GUY Registered

    Awesome video and thanks for sharing it with us!
  4. OUTLAW1300

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  5. Acehole

    Acehole The crowbar! Donating Member

    Pretty cool! I could listen to that motor all day! thanks
  6. Takeuon

    Takeuon Registered

    Double clutch gearbox in that sucker! Love the sound of it when he lets off the gas ::6

    Good to see he was actually getting on it at some parts and driving it! :thumbsup:
  7. Takeuon

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    Sick car~!

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  8. Phil96

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    Lot of dating on that road:whistle: Brief shot of Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Great restaurant.
    Saw Betty Davis with Bruce Dern there in '65.

    AQTCJAK Registered

  10. omslaw

    omslaw Michelle owns my Busa Staff Member Administrator

    Hrmmm, posted speed limit was 30 - I'm sure he wasn't exceeding much. LOL
  11. omslaw

    omslaw Michelle owns my Busa Staff Member Administrator

    You should hear Michelle's 'Stang ;)
  12. Goatkart

    Goatkart Registered

    great video.... oi sexy car...
  13. Takeuon

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    One thing Ford has always gotten correct is the sweet sound of their V-8's....even better if you've modded it a bit, but she wouldn't know anything about that...she's just a girl:whistle:

  14. Goatkart

    Goatkart Registered

    true enough...

    the LSx motors from GM may be engineering marvels... but it takes some serious effort to get them to sound as lean and mean as most ford 8's sound straight out of the box...

    the GM motors can sound mean as hell too... but just two VERY different sounds in the end..
  15. RACER_X

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  16. EarlyBird

    EarlyBird Donating Member

    Very nice! Enjoyed the engine noise! TURN IT UP!::4
  17. el stumpo

    el stumpo Registered

    Hmm.. seemed to cross the yellow a couple times... ???::25

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