Left Foot Injury And Hard To Shift? Buy My Pingel Electric Shifter For $380.00 + Shipping

Discussion in 'Parts and Modifications' started by BusaBus, Jun 5, 2017.

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    Im selling my Pingel electric shifter that i bought for my Busa.
    I bought my bike back in 2013 and i couldnt shift because i was injured. The pingel really helped me and now that im fine, I'm giving it away for cheap :-)

    I did the install myself, it wasnt a big deal. The only install issue i had was i didnt have an Allen set in Inches. Everything tool in my garage is for foreign vehicles.
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    Still have? ( Im going in for an ankle fusion soon, or removal. ongoing injury. 5 surgeries and counting:D Ive been holding off because a fusion will mostly kill my riding, amputation actually will give me more mobility without the clotting and other issues that come with a fusion)

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