is $180.00 too much.....

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by AES, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. AES

    AES Registered

    i got new wheels for my bike, i was wondering is $180.00 too much to pay to have the originals pulled off and the new ones put on..... im not sure but i think this might be a little excessive....... could i get some opinions
  2. rockadaous

    rockadaous mod-a-holic Donating Member

    is that just labor for pulling and installing? I just paid $30 for mine yesterday. If I would have done the front it would have been $60. $40 an hour for labor is the going rate
  3. Tool

    Tool Registered

    that does seem high. going by $40 an hour thats 4 1/2 hours of labor. That crazy.
  4. Over_Easy

    Over_Easy GEO-STABILIZATION EXPERT Donating Member

    I believe it was $43.99 per tire at the local Suxuki dealer here as long as you purchased it from them...they were selling dealer cost on all in stock tires.
  5. snakeyezzz

    snakeyezzz Registered

    Is that you taking just the wheels to them or the whole bike?
  6. BusaWhipped

    BusaWhipped Moderator

    Are they swapping the rotors, bearings, cush drive, hardware, etc. from the stock wheels to the new ones?
  7. Don Hardcastle

    Don Hardcastle Busa Ridin' Sailor (ret) Donating Member Registered

    Labor here is $70 per hour.
  8. MrGxr

    MrGxr Donating Member

    Out here they charge $45 per tire if you take them the bike.
  9. runeight

    runeight why ask why Donating Member

    $40.00 for both..mount and balance..wheels were off..

  10. thepushercg

    thepushercg veni vidi vici Donating Member

    i thinks that is very high
  11. AES

    AES Registered

    thats with me taking them the bike. If i knew that it wasnt that involved id do it myself but im thinking it is
  12. DaCol.

    DaCol. D' Colonel Donating Member

    Gooooooooood Lord guys [​IMG] , it's $15 bucks here per wheel to change tires if you bring them the wheels and buy the tire from them. Of course I buy more than tires from these guys and bring them some goodies every now and then [​IMG]   [​IMG]
  13. VaBusa

    VaBusa oRg Gal Staff Member Administrator

    Yeah, seems local shop charged just $125 and that was the price of the tire AND pulling the old one off, putting that new one, most of the cost was the tire...
  14. GPW

    GPW Donating Member

    $75.00 per hour here but we also have a rock solid policy, we screw up you get all your service rate money back and your bike fixed. Wheels off $45.00 for the set. To pull your wheels is an hour process. $75.00 plus $45.00 = $120.00 for the service. We also have a 4K tire balancer by Snap-on.


    Did he offer you vasoline to go with it?
  16. BigBSBusa

    BigBSBusa Comin' back stronger than ever! Donating Member

    Paid $60 for front and rear on mine.
  17. GMbusa

    GMbusa Even a caveman can do it. Donating Member

    Do the swap your self. Trust me, it's not difficult.
  18. heavybusa

    heavybusa Just another guy Donating Member

    (GMbusa @ Jan. 04 2007,21:08)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Do the swap your self. Trust me, it's not difficult.</div>
    DIY!! Go for it with the green bible.
  19. AES

    AES Registered

    well its changing the rotor/bearings/tires everything has to be swapped over
  20. Bigbody

    Bigbody Registered

    shop around

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