IRON MAN custom motorcycle helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear' started by trev0006, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. trev0006

    trev0006 Registered

  2. Sous

    Sous Donating Member

    Pretty cool looking, but I think the practicality of it is questionable.
  3. Djxtrodinaire

    Djxtrodinaire Registered

    id wear it! :thumbsup:
  4. Mikael H

    Mikael H Registered

    That is cool :)
  5. pashnit

    pashnit Site Sponsor

    Someone call the dude that made the leather batman suit. Maybe we can get a matched leather riding suit to match. :lol:

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  6. stepaukob

    stepaukob Registered

    It would be fun to wear on Oct. 31.......other than that it should stay in the closet.
  7. Piscataway Busa

    Piscataway Busa Registered

    lol he had it on a display fan
  8. 071300r

    071300r Registered

    cool but visor not wide enough for me I like to see everything, like it was stated halloween would be a cool slow ride
  9. Vonderbach

    Vonderbach Your AD here! Donating Member

    I prefer this

  10. papi_ocho

    papi_ocho Registered

    i would wear it..

    in bed.... like these...
  11. TWT racer

    TWT racer Registered

  12. kml

    kml Donating Member

    It would be cool if I was 8 again.


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  13. Vega

    Vega Registered

  14. wv rider

    wv rider Registered

    I could not and would probably laugh if someone else did.:laugh:
  15. Big E

    Big E Donating Member

    They do offer the Iron Man jacket now. :thumbsup:
  16. Big E

    Big E Donating Member

  17. moloko

    moloko Banned

    Yeah, the whole suit is available... After seeing the Batman suit I expected this one to have more depth. It looks pretty flat as is, and doesn't IMO pull off the overlapping metal plate effect.

    I'm pretty sure I'll be picking up the Tron suit when it comes out, if the price isn't astronomical, which I half expect since it lights up.
  18. Busa1166

    Busa1166 Donating Member

    To hell with leather I want a full body kevlar suit:laugh:
  19. ogre

    ogre Call me Liberace! Registered

    i like the purple goon jacket.
  20. mynewride

    mynewride Registered

    that is cool. very creative. not necessarily safe, but would be very cool for halloween.

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