iPhone users......Otterbox?

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by redkat05, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. redkat05

    redkat05 Dear spring....... HURRY! Donating Member

    Any iPhone users out there usin the Otterbox Defender series or Impact series? I'm gettin the iPhone on April 3rd & just curious if anyone recommends the Otterbox case. I've heard good things.
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  2. jellyrug

    jellyrug Donating Member

    I use it as I crawl around in factories, into and out of heavy machinery and it has done a super job protecting my phone. One year so far, works well.
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  3. BIG GUY

    BIG GUY Registered

    Both of these will work pretty well for you. I have both of them for my Black Berry Storm 2 and they work pretty well.
  4. redkat05

    redkat05 Dear spring....... HURRY! Donating Member

    its an actual case that hinges open correct?
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  5. Blanca BusaLess

    Blanca BusaLess Suffers from PBSD Donating Member

    Just keep the durn thing in your pocket !
    Just like beepers.
    I never got the idea of having anything other than a gun clipped onto your belt ?
    My wife still has the orig Iphone I waited in line for.
    its perfect cuz I and her carry it in our pockets.
    Cant tell you how many times I have seen folks break or damage phones cuz it was on the side instead of in the pocket.

    Just me..
  6. Hemiap

    Hemiap Registered

    I have the otter box, the most protective one, not sure of the name, But I have been through many fights and its been dropped while chasing people through parking lots. It has skid maybe 20ft, and it has only shipped the plastic cover of thr otter box. No damage to the phone!! the only down fall is that with my big fingers, i cant switch the silent button on or off very easy... Also the belt holder sucks, thats why i have lost it in so many chases and fights...
  7. rockadaous

    rockadaous mod-a-holic Donating Member

    Solid case for those of us who are hard on phones. Check out amazon and eBay. Don't buy from AT&T or otterbox.com
  8. rockadaous

    rockadaous mod-a-holic Donating Member

    If u go to otterbox.com they have a video of the defender
  9. ditchdr

    ditchdr Registered

    Have one for my black berry, I beat the living crap out of phones on a daily basis.. They are a good investment. I just finished up last years reports, I spent 700 on phones!!!!
  10. H2447INTX

    H2447INTX Registered

    just got my 3gs tuesday , love this little toy !
    i just have a skull candy case and screan protector !
  11. stangman35

    stangman35 Registered

    i have the defender for my i-phone,its ok ,its overpriced and the holster does not clip the phone tight enough.

    If the holster had a better way of holding the phone in it might be worth the price.
  12. slash

    slash Registered

    i have a brand new in the box black one, 30 bucks shipped to your house. (paid 49 at At&t)
  13. slash

    slash Registered

    woe is that "screan" protector working out:whistle:
  14. Ezduzit

    Ezduzit Registered

    I have seen the same from people that carry them in there pocket and forget that the phone is there, otter box is one of the best investments especially if you work outside!
  15. m_ridgeway

    m_ridgeway pipeline trash Donating Member

    if you work outside leave it in the truck! best advice i can give. ive broke a few before i learned that lesson. and in a case or in you pocket its gonna gat damaged if you do physical work.
  16. Schism

    Schism Donating Member

    i don't but my buddy has the case and he swears by it. that sucker is durable from what he tells me and from the looks of it, i would agree.

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