Installing Manual Fan Switch

Discussion in 'General Bike Related Topics' started by Cecil_Stringer, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. Cecil_Stringer

    Cecil_Stringer Donating Member

    I live in Florida, ride a Turbo bike and frequently get stuck in traffic.
    I am looking to instal a manual fan switch to allow me to turn the fan on before it gets too hot.

    Where should I splice into?
  2. bigdr

    bigdr Chief Guinness Taster Donating Member

    You could take the supply from the battery with an in line fuse. Run it to a seperate switch and thats it .
  3. ks-waterbug

    ks-waterbug Group Buy Guy Moderator

    Cecil, in the process of doing this myself! Bought a brand new Gsxr 1k fan for the Busa. I'm going to use a relay and hook it up direct to a three way switch. This away I can run it manually, in tandom (auto), or by-pass the fan all together.....
  4. loboboy

    loboboy Donating Member

    We need a wiring diagram for this one. I need to do the same but haven't had time to figure it out yet.
  5. ozz

    ozz Donating Member

    A wiring diagram would be cool, I would like to do the switch thing to........anyone?
  6. ks-waterbug

    ks-waterbug Group Buy Guy Moderator

    Got them all, but there are differences between the years....
  7. loboboy

    loboboy Donating Member

    I mean the diagram of installing a relay and a switch to have it on all the time or on with the temp control. I may have to figure it out tonight at work when I have some time.
  8. ks-waterbug

    ks-waterbug Group Buy Guy Moderator

    Here's a link to a page put together by Busafied!
    This show's how to do the install with a switch, no relay! Although in the text the relay method is described using two fans.... Hope this helps
    CLICK ME!!!

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  9. ozz

    ozz Donating Member

    Awsome, thankyou ks-waterbug! [​IMG]
  10. ks-waterbug

    ks-waterbug Group Buy Guy Moderator

    Actually the thanks goes out to Busafied....
    But, since he's not here right now.... [​IMG]
  11. theemrrdkill

    theemrrdkill Donating Member

    should be a "easy" hook up .. just find the .. hot wire to the fan .. ( via a tester ) and run a seperate wire for the "alternative" switch from it the "new" fan .. remmeber to "correctly ground " ..said fan .!!<-- make sure yah scrape off the paint [​IMG]
  12. spencerrr

    spencerrr Registered

    go on ebay and put in (suzuki tlr1000r fan thermostat auxiliary switch tl1000), i don't know how to attach the link to this post
  13. rockethead

    rockethead Registered

    i need to do this also
  14. thapp

    thapp Donating Member

    i hanen't done the second fan but i have run a sensor bypass off the temp sensor in the radiator all thats needed is a switch and some wire when the switch is off acts just like factory when on the fan runs until i shut the switch off or the bike haven't had any problems at all.
  15. mrriverajr

    mrriverajr Registered

    I'm doing this tomorrow!!!! NICE:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
  16. mracer29

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  17. mracer29

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  18. megawatt

    megawatt Registered

    I simply ordered a fan switch from Boost by smith. I did it years ago so all I can tell you is it was super simple with no splicing involved. It took longer for me to ziptie the new cable to secure it from moving. The RCC turbo kit relocates the thermostat to the inlet of the radiator (stock position is after the radiator) and the Boost by smith switch simply connects to it IIRC. RCC turbos does sell the relocation kit seperately and it will work for all busas not just turbo busas, I would highly recommend this if your having overheating issues.

    I measured the length I needed (from radiator inlet to PMR switch) and he made it for me, then I simply plugged it into the empty PMR 3 switch housing (on left handlebar if you look closely). I am still only running a single fan on my turbo bike out here in the desert and never had a problem in the 107F+ summer days. Muzzy aluminum fan, thermostat relocation to the inlet, Boost by smith manual switch and water wetter works for me in the Sin City heat.


    Closeup of PMR housing switch
  19. mrriverajr

    mrriverajr Registered

    Done, this is a killer mod!!! I also ordered a lower temp fan switch so the fan turns on 10 degrees earlier and put engine ice!!! I hope I am ready for the summer...

    I like the lights out switch idea where does it get wired into?

  20. mrriverajr

    mrriverajr Registered



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