II Radiator fan on a 99 Hayabusa

Discussion in 'Busa problems' started by 1999hayabusa, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. 1999hayabusa

    1999hayabusa Registered

    Hi Guys,

    I am planning to install a second radiator fan on my 99 Hayabusa because of bad wheather condition. I am not sure which fan would fit my Hayabusa.
    Kindly suggest me, which bikes radiator fan would the best option to intall on a 99 Hayabusa as a second fan.

    So far i was looking at Yamaha R6 fan, will it work ?

    Plz help..

  2. rob t

    rob t Registered

    i found putting a manual switch on the stock fan to turn fan on at wil,l works good. the trick is to get the fan on sooner rather than more fans.(like as soon as i stop.I hit the switch) i dont know how the thing is wired as my shop did the work. CT gets into the 90s now and then and it works .but theese bikes really need to be moving for the airflow.
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  3. Cookie

    Cookie Banned

    If you want to set up with a second fan, a GSX 1k or 6k fan works best to clear the headers and not strain the fit.

    Follow the advise for manual fan switch to override in hot conditions.

    Install a Honda Accord or similar type code temperature switch to have the fan come on at lower temps. Here is an article that gives good information on that switch and plug-in. Honda fan switch

    Use Muzzy fans in one (or both).

    Finally, run a 50/50 mix of distilled "ONLY" water, 6-8oz. of Redline's Water Wetter (exmpl.) and ethylene glycol (anti-freeze) - Honda Anti-Freeze works best. Mix all in separate container - pour in.


    I would do all above sans the second fan first,,, then re-access operating temps before going with the second fan install.

    Hope that helps. [​IMG]
  4. 1999hayabusa

    1999hayabusa Registered

    Thanx a lot guys.. This was really helpful :thumbsup:

    Is it recommended to remove the thermostat ?
  5. Paulie1300

    Paulie1300 Registered

    Dude, I got a second fan I'll sell cheap, it's taking up space on my bench, 50 bucks shipped. PM me for details.
  6. 1999hayabusa

    1999hayabusa Registered

    oh.. i just bought a gsxr1000 fan ebay. I am looking for muzzys fan, plz let me know if you come across one.
  7. Ruben

    Ruben Donating Member

    08 Hayabusa R/H fan be used too ?????
  8. Rocketmn

    Rocketmn Registered

    I Run a Muzzys Aluminum Fan Blade that they sell for the Hayabusa on my 02' Turbo and Have Never had a problem after I changed it. I believe I got it from Schnitz. Put some Blue Lock-tite on the threads of the Blade screws!:rolleyes2:
  9. MikeSomething

    MikeSomething Registered

    1) Muzzy Aluminum Fan Blade on stock fan
    2) GSXR-1000 Fan (Muzzy makes a fan blade for it also)
    3) "Engine" Ice Fluid
    4) Highpressure Radiator Cap
    5) Manual Fan Switch
    6) Lower temp thermostat

    ...They also sell "fin combs" to comb the radiator fins straight and clean off debris.
  10. scrappy

    scrappy Registered

    im putting a second fan on mine as well, where in heck did you guys find the connectors for the wiring harness? I was thinking i could remove the OEM connectors and put some aftermarket connectors on, but i was hoping to find OEM..
  11. 1999hayabusa

    1999hayabusa Registered

    Hi Guys,

    I have received all the parts to install the second fan

    1. GSXR 1000 stock fan
    2. Hayabusa Muzzy fan blade
    3. GSXR 1000 Muzzy fan blade
    4. Low temp fan switch
    5. High pressure radiator cap
    6. Two bottles of Engine Ice

    Will install the setup on the stock connections (will upgrade the fuse)


    Just waiting for the summers to come :laugh:
  12. Tony Nitrous

    Tony Nitrous Registered

    Not sure why you guys need more cooling ?

    Both of my Mk1's had rad guards in front and still never got above normal
    even with heavy use and abuse in Australia's summer, road or Drags.

    I suppose it might be an issue with tuned motors ?

    If its any help Guy's, a B-King also has twin fan's as stock.

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  13. 1999hayabusa

    1999hayabusa Registered

    there were some heating issues in the 99-07 busa's, may be that is the reason the 08 busa was launched with two fans
  14. Tony Nitrous

    Tony Nitrous Registered

    News to me. Had 2, an new 04 and a 2nd hand 02 (still got)
    Temp doesnt even get high at the drags or in the city.
    Never heard about that. It can get warm in Australia.
  15. VFRcanada

    VFRcanada Registered

    The temp light has come on twice on my 05 in stop and go city driving on hot days. I plan to install a second fan this winter.
  16. Tony Nitrous

    Tony Nitrous Registered

    I wonder if the US bikes are set up slightly different ?
    Maybe running leaner and producing more heat ?
    Perhaps there's a slight mapping difference ?
    I know your B-Kings have differnt immission set up's to the rest of the world.

    Not disagreeing with anyone, just find it interesting.

  17. mysql

    mysql Registered

    Overheating happens at idle. So I don't think fuel mapping is the issue.

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