I got some bad news!!

Discussion in 'General Bike Related Topics' started by 07vigorblue, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. 07vigorblue

    07vigorblue Donating Member

    My busa was stolen from my driveway late friday/ early saturday. Our house was broken into february of this year and they took lots of jewelery and important documents one being the title to my Hayabusa. I gues they decided to come back and get the bike. not realizing i have a duplicat title so the one they have is junk. I have attached the most recent pics i have including the VIN#

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  2. Flicka

    Flicka Professional Booga Flicka Moderator

    Man, I hate nothing more than a criminal. I'm really sorry about the break-in and the bike. Hopefully the insurance company will take good care of you.
  3. WACKEM1

    WACKEM1 Registered

    That suks man! Sorry to hear tht! I know wht its like to have a bike taken! Hope you can recover it!
  4. card16969

    card16969 Registered

    pleas tell me they didnt take the girl that was on it too!!!!
  5. Busa Brian

    Busa Brian Registered

    damn that sucks i hope you had it low jacked.. thats the first thing I did when i got mine..

    GIXERHP ok, ok...just a wee bit Irish... Donating Member

    Man that really suks, hopefully the insurance company will work well with you!
  7. 07vigorblue

    07vigorblue Donating Member

    they dont offer lojack in Indiana
  8. 07vigorblue

    07vigorblue Donating Member

    nope lol
  9. lil charlie

    lil charlie Registered

    that really blows man...hope you get it back in one piece.
  10. C-Dog

    C-Dog Formerly cuderdog Registered

    So Sorry Bro. Been There. I had one stolen Last February. Glad you still have the Girl!

    NINJA KILLER JUST CRUISN ' Donating Member

    Sorry Bro , Hope they get the B*******!!!
  12. m_ridgeway

    m_ridgeway pipeline trash Donating Member

    hopefully they find the scumbags that did this and pin the house burglary on them too
  13. sanket_420

    sanket_420 Registered

    :banghead::banghead: &*(^%*&^$^%$@^#$E(&^)&^*&^$*^%#$&$#( I hate when I hear news like this. makes my blood boil. mofo's need to grow up get a job earn some money and buy their own bike.
  14. mr8ball

    mr8ball Registered

    Sorry man, I sure hope they catch the people that got it and you get it back in one piece.
  15. 07vigorblue

    07vigorblue Donating Member

    Well I got good news and bad news. They found the bike and they have suspects but they wrecked it. Should be able to pick it up tomorrow after they fingerprint it!!

    BUSA CRUSEN Registered

    Did you insure it? I hope you can sue those guys for damages and actually get something.
  17. VIPER

    VIPER Formerly known as viperblackbusa. Registered

    glad you are getting it back....good luck on the rebuild...bet insurance totals it out....good luck getting money out of the crooks...probably broke....we already know they are low lifes. should go after them for the break in to your house as well. prob the same bastages!
  18. Ludicrous Speed

    Ludicrous Speed Registered

    Glad they found it anyway:thumbsup:

    Now get their names and addys for us........

    Where is Seymour , IN at??:whistle:

    HOOKDADDY Registered

    i agree 100% truth be told i dont want 2 no who robbed be cause i no i would do more time
  20. bigron

    bigron Registered

    Man talk about mixed emotions. I went from damn theft to yippy they found it to hell no they wrecked it. Well i guess you have your bike back , is insurance going to be off any help to you. ?

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