How to negotiate the best price on any new motorcycle

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    This is a good read. I worked as a car salesman for a few years and saw this on another site. If everyone followed this they would save quite a few bucks when they buy their favorite bikes.

    A few years ago i lost my job as a computer technician. I couldnt pay my bills and had to move in with my cousin who has been a member of your forum for quite some time now. I had been riding bikes since i was 14 but it was just a hobby. I met my current boss (our sales manager) at bike night and he told me to come work for him. I have been doing this since 2005 now and i figured you guys should know some ins and outs of this business to keep yourself from getting ****ed when you buy a bike.

    1. This one should be a no brainer but some folks are still dumb enough not to get it. ALWAYS TALK ABOUT THE OUT THE DOOR PRICE. If there are any dealer fees, Freight or Prep fees you can ALWAYS get out of them (dont let them convince you otherwise). Never talk about what kind of a monthly payment you want or anything along those lines. Quite frankly do your homework before you walk in and ASK for what YOU want. Dont let them talk you into any bike. They will bash one product in favor of another if that puts more money in their pockets. This month there was a 250 dollar bonus on ZX14s and i think i sold 3 to complete newbies who had recently done the MSF because i was hurting for money. This business like any other is about making money not about moral standards or safety of bikers.

    2. Dealers will avoid giving you out the door prices unless they know you are buying on the SAME DAY. So always give them the impression that you are taking the bike home today even though you arent going to do so.

    3. You are NOT legally binded EVEN IF YOU HAVE SIGNED THE PAPERWORK to take the bike as long as you have not taken delivery. If you feel you are getting ****ed WALK AWAY. Even if you have already signed the paperwork.

    4. Just like the price of the bike the interest rate is ALWAYS negotiable and they will try to get you for as much as they can. Ask for a reasonably low APR and stick to it. The finance manager gets a cut if he talks you into a high interest rate. Dont be a victim. Same with the extended warranty and lojack. Dont let them talk you into it and if you are interested MAKE SURE YOU NEGOTIATE THE PRICES of the lojack, Gap insurance and extended warranty as well.

    5. If you want the best possible deal ALWAYS take one dealer's OTD price and throw it at another. They will tell you that you can buy from them at a lower number and then take that number and throw it at another dealer. Keep doing this until the price reaches a point where it cant go any lower. This will ensure you got the best possible price.

    6. Whenever you go into a dealership they will try to get your name and number. Never ever give out your real information unless you want them to call and harass you on a daily basis. Yes they wont give you prices unless they know your info but if you must give them any information make sure its completely fake and not your real stuff. If you do decide to buy later you can tell them you didnt want to give out information about you initially because most "Smart" customers do just that.

    If any of you have any other questions feel free to post em up. Im leaving the business so im letting you in on what goes on in these places.
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    Good info. I agree, doing your homework is key. If you're buying a brand new bike why bother even going into the dealership. You can pretty much handle everything online and/or over the phone nowadays. I emailed all of the Suzuki dealerships within 100 miles (distance I was willing to drive to pick up a bike). Took their email quotes and used them to negotiate the best deal. Provided a deposit over the phone via my credit card and had the bike delivered. Oh, I got financing on my own, so didn't have to go there with them, which would have been a big headache.
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    Also dont be afraid to walk away, and not get the bike U drool over, I did for my 08 busa. And dont go for your second choise, always 1st. I almost got a 07 Burgandy but I really wanted an 08.
  4. kromdom

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    Thanks for sharing. Was waiting for a section on TRADE-INs? Keep it separate/out of the equation when working on the OTD price for the bike?
  5. tclause

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  6. racerV

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    I got an even easier method. Call Honda East of Toledo.
  7. aussiekeeper

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    If you sign in California, you are an owner.

    I bought my bike over the phone and e-mailed them pictures of my trade.
  8. Lamb busa

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    The key to the deal in the dealerships is your ability top walk away and leave. This is key to the sale. Make these guys come and get you. Be prepared to play hardball and don't play the good guy routine, that is their job.
  9. busakidaz

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    least they'll be have'n fun... but for how much longer?
  10. umairhashmi

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    When i sold cars there were more than a few times when i cheated people but with cars at least it wont kill you if i talked you into in a camry instead of a corolla.
  11. b4thenite

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    Good info, thank you. Now go sin no more....::25
  12. CaBusaGirl

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    That is really good information to have under your belt when you walk into a dealership. I can't stand 90% of the salesmen that I run into. They are like packs of damn hyenas!!
  13. BusaWizard

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    Lot of people get caught up in the hype.
  14. dadofthree

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  15. StenBusa

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    +1...... I tend to do this whenever I buy a new vehicle, it's amazing how the salesmans attitude changes when you get up and go for the door.
  16. outlawbusa

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    Good info, thanks for sharing with us~!~ :thumbsup:
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    That is some great info. I just wish that we had some better dealers here in Arizona. We just have some real a$$holes for dealers.
  18. BusaBlue

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    Good info. Thanks. ::4
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    You can also buy the actual dealer cost of the bike on line, surprised what you will find out. Dealers are allowed a shipping and set up cost by the factory so any add-on is a rip-off. And Lamb hit the nail on the head, make them an offer and then be prepared to walk away. If you are financing never include the TTL (Tax, Title & License) as part of the financed principle. Make sure it is included as part of your down payment. Got a heck of a deal on my '06 and the dealer couldn't figure out how I knew his cost...I also walked out of one dealer empty handed and was walking out of this one when they caught me in the parking lot.
  20. umairhashmi

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    That being said i must also add that if you are not actually interested in making a purchase dont walk in and waste hours of the salesman's time either. I did cars and trust me its not a easy way to make a living when you put in 60-70 hours a week and dont make a penny unless you make sales.

    Also dont take it personally if a salesman is refusing to give you an out the door price over the phone or through email. Many dealers dont allow their salesmen to do that. In the toyota dealership where i worked the only thing we were allowed to give over the phone or email was MSRP. You want the best price you need to come in.

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