Home Invaders yelling "Police Police" in FL so they do not get shot

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Tm@nFL, Jun 20, 2012.

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  2. Blanca BusaLess

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    The first article is pretty durn scary. You'd naturally freeze if that happened and by the time you realized they are bad guys it's too late. Very sad.

    But one sentence catches my attn. it's the one that says the police don't think it random but instead they were targeted. It may be a ploy to calm the public but if true than it would make me feel better. I am curious if either of the victims have criminal records or are the neighborhood drug dealer and were targeted for that.
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    good reason to have a few dogs. even friendly, a pretty good deterrent.
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    Have you heard about the lastest, called "SWATing"?

    Some calls police, "I'm so and so, I've just killed my family, and I've going down the street to kill everyone I can find" and hangs up. The SWAT Team shows up at your house in full riot gear and busts down the door expecting a shootout. Apparently two conservative talk show hosts have been targeted in this method....
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    I wonder if the two people were connected
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    The reverse situation.......Unfortunately, here is a tragic outcome of a warrant being served by a task force. It turns out the resident, an alleged pot grower, claims he believed he was a victim of a home invasion and robbery, as he was asleep when the officers initiated a knock/announce entry. The sad part was the loss of life. This occurred in Ogden, Utah on Jan. 5th, 2012. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. Google Ogden police officer killed for recent updates.

    6 Police Shot in Utah, 1 Dead, 5 Injured - ABC News
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    that kinda stuff is common in border towns....crooks gear up the same as cops do and rip people off

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    Oh my! My son lives down in St. Petersburg. That's some scary stuff!!
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    Thts why i sleep w a 45 nex to me! An have a dog Try this at my house!!
  11. Blanca BusaLess

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    Strictly addressing this one incident as it details others I think they could have found a better time to arrest the guy. Did he not work? Did he not ever leave the house? Some things warrant kicking in a door, growing herb I don't think does. I am sad an officer lost his life over it. I just wonder if sometimes things like this could be avoided if they weren't so gung Ho to suit up and go serve somebody. Call me, inform me, ask me to cooperate and I will do so but as many feel something is just wrong with a bunch of ninja turtles knocking down doors.
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    The guy worked at Wally World and they knew his schedule. There is a big P. R. nightmare going on about this. Seems pretty extreme for weed but it was a search warrant for the house, not an arrest warrant for him. Folks are asking why didn't they serve him arriving home or leaving for work. He had a 9mm pistol, was former military, obviously a good shot. There's speculation about friendly fire too! Sad event for everyone involved, especially the Officer and his family.

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    home invasions are rarely if ever random. someone there had drugs or drug money in that house or at least the suspects believed they did. another reason to own one of these or one like it.....:whistle:

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    The vast majority of home invasions are criminal on criminal. One drug dealer stealing from another rival drug dealer. It's an FBI clue when you ask what was taken and the response is nothing :banghead: Can't tell the man they took all your dope and guns :whistle:

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