HMF dual high mount exhaust

Discussion in 'Busa Mods' started by rocket22, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. rocket22

    rocket22 Registered

    For full system dual high mounts I hear it is really the only choice, Does any one have pics? What's the best map to use? what about melting the fairing? what about sound, too loud not loud enough? Got a bunch of questions can anyone help?
  2. Devious

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    In my opinion it's the best choice. There are several of us with great maps and several sources for other maps. If installed properly there are no melting plastics. Just follow the instructions. And the sound, Well it's loud but not outragous. I think they sound great. Deep tone, not a high pitch like some others. But that's just my opinion. You will get plenty of answers as the day goes on.
    The cans are not as close a match as I was told. But what the heII. When I asked about the Candy Blue I was told it would match the 05 Blue. It's close but not that close. But I'll keep em.


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  3. MoosesBusa

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    Yes, for high mounts it really is your only choice. BUT you have a choice of can colors styles and composites. As you can see in the pic I went with the black cans instead of the polished or colored cans. I'm not a big fan of the carbon fiber look either.
     Mapping is a little tricky. Luckily we have an HMF/ Power Commander guru here at the Org by the name of JohnnyCheese. He sells both and can pre-program the PC for you according to the mods you have on your bike.
     As long as you follow the instructions and don't get in a hurry there are no melting issues. This is not a 1 hour install and it is Not considered easy. It is however rewarding when you are finally done. They provide you with heat shielding and even tell you where to put it. Be sure that the pipes do not actually touch the shielding and life is good.
      Sound is deep. obviously it sounds better for those riding behind you but what you hear is very nice. I do not consider it to be offensively loud and neither do my neighbors. I've asked them. For me it has just the right decible level. Not anywhere near as loud as pythons on a harley but 3 times the volume of stockers.

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  4. MoosesBusa

    MoosesBusa Former BusaHolic Donating Member

    side view

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  5. nitrousjunkie

    nitrousjunkie Semper Fi !!!! Donating Member

    What they ^ said!

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  6. StreetnTrack

    StreetnTrack Donating Member

    Yes they are one of the best choices to make. We sale a lot of the HMF systems.
  7. qarnaj

    qarnaj Registered

    More pics for ya

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  8. qarnaj

    qarnaj Registered

    One more. Do a search and you'll find plenty of tips about the installation. One thing I'd recommend is picking up some more heat tape for the insides of your fairings. The little bit that it comes with wasn't enough for my peace of mind.

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  9. sageronin

    sageronin Donating Member

    +1 on the extra heat tape ... it's a good precaution.
  10. Cykill

    Cykill Donating Member

    Have them, love them, They are loud, but nice deep sound.

    CF cans on black.

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  11. rocket22

    rocket22 Registered

    thanks for all your help, I will figure out how to posts some pics and be back. 04 red le
  12. warbrown

    warbrown Bald and Busafied Donating Member

    Gotta represent the pumpkin owners here... black HMF on orange

  13. Bansh

    Bansh Registered

    Mine's almost done! Just need to put the fairings's back together. Gluing the chrome screens into the fairing holes. Will have pic's shortly.
    Sound is awesome! Deep throaty not high pitched like the Yoshi.

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