High Volume Oil Pump VS Oil Filter

Discussion in 'Turbo' started by scrappy, Oct 12, 2010.

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    When using a high volume oil pump gear (such as the one from APE) and boosting the motor, is the OEM Suzuki oil filter capable of handling the amount of oil pressure?
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    yes, i have been using that setup for years now...

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    The High Volume Oil Pump Gear (which is actually made by Robinson Industries), will also cause your water pump to spin faster, another plus for any Busa, especially a turbo. The OEM filter, K&N, or Fram have no problem with the extra pressure. Now if you run the H.O. gear, billet oil pump, and modified bypass, you take a chance of blowing the oring on the filter out . . . we've seen that happen, especially when the bike is cold, and the oil pressure is at its highest. . .:whistle:

    what you are planning to do is no problem!:cheerleader:
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    Pretty sure the high volume gear does not raise the pressure, only increases the amount of oil at the same pressure. If you have not touched your pressure relief valve, it will still bypass oil at the same pressure that is always has,


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    Using the High Output oil pump gear with the stock pressure relief valve actually raises your oil pressure approximately 20 pounds across the board. This might be due to the increased volume of oil being forced through the same sized passages, even with the relief valve doing its job. Whatever the actual reason for it, an oil pressure gauge will confirm it . . .::25
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    I will need to get a pressure gauged hooked up and see.. anyone remember what stock oil pressure is? If not I will go look it up when I get home. The only reason I'm asking all this is, my bike started pouring a whitish smoke out the exhaust the other day. I haven't rode it since and I haven't had a chance to determine the reason. I did a pressure check on the coolant with 15lbs of pressure and it lost very pressure over time. So I'm wondering if she is burning oil from a leaky seal in the turbo or perhaps in the head.. I am not sure
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    If you had the back of the bike on a stand, and the front on the ground, oil might have gotten past the ring seal on the hot side of the turbo.

    Oil pressure: at 3,000 rpm, you should see 32 stock, 52 with gear;
    at 6,000 rpm, you should see 72 stock, 90 with HO gear.

    Those numbers are approximate . . .:whistle:
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    I thought about that oil getting passed the ring seal too, but it wasn't on a stand the day it started spittingt smoke. I noticed it on a ride back from the other side of the city.. roughly 30 mile ride... thanks for the numbers.. I will prolly need to take the turbo off and inspect. It first before I get into the engine.
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